Contemporary Argumentation & Debate

Contemporary Argumentation and Debate: The Journal of the Cross Examination Debate Association, is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing quality scholarship related to the theory and practice of debate (academic and pubic sphere), and argumentation (theoretical and applied).

Vol 33 (2012)

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Table of Contents


I Concur, You Are Absolutely Correct I am Correct: Agreement as Argumentative Strategy PDF
Sara K Straub, Jeremie L. Beller, Tim Hunt 1-26


Introduction to the special issue on digital debate and assessment PDF
Gordon Stables 27-30
Arguing for Debate: Missions, Goals and Evidence as Key Components in Assessing Intercollegiate Debate Programs PDF
Sarah Taylor Partlow-Lefevre 31-74
Authentic Assessment in Debate: An Argument for Using Ballots to Foster Talent-Development and Promote Authentic Learning PDF
Sarah Stone Watt 75-104
Open Source Debating: The Justifications and Responses to Deacon Source Version 1.0 PDF
Jarrod Atchison, Ian Miller 105-133
Putting debate back into debate: Digital debate and Evidence PDF
Travis Cram 134-170


One if by land, two if by sea, three if by format: British debate is coming PDF
Stephen Llano 171-186