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April Ballot Available

The April 2016 is now available. There are 2 open topic committee positions (undergrad and grad student) and 2 amendments.
Ballots are due by midnight, Thursday, April 28. One vote per school. 2015-2016 membership is required to have your vote counted.

The ballot is available online at:

Undergraduate Representative, Topic Committee

Nick Lepp, James Madison
Jasmine Stidham, Central Oklahoma
Michael Wimsatt, Berkeley

Graduate Representative, Topic Committee

Logan Gramzinski, Georgia
Jyleesa Hampton, Kansas
Jake Justice, Kansas
Jackie Poapst, George Mason


#1: Odekirk Service Award

Desaray Odekirk Service Award--
During the CEDA National Tournament, the CEDA President, Executive Council, along with consultation of the Tournament Host when necessary, will determine recipient(s) worthy of the Desaray Odekirk Service Award. The award, unlimited in number, shall be presented to any person(s) making a significant contribution to the hosting, management, preparation of that years CEDA National Tournament.
Consideration of recipient(s) should take into account work in preparing for the tournament, work during the tournament, hospitality provided, service to the operation of the tournament. Typically this person will be someone integral to the tournament and its operation that is not otherwise part of the CEDA governance structure that would ordinarily be involved in running the National Tournament. These should serve as guiding principles and are not exhaustive of attributes to consider.

#2: Change topic date

Current Wording:
Section 2: By May 1 the committee will report to the Executive Secretary no fewer than three
problem areas to be voted upon by the general membership. In early July the committee will
report to the Executive Secretary no fewer than three resolutions corresponding to the winning
topic area.

Proposed Amendment
Change May 1 to May 8.

Rationale: gives a full week of work in May to finalize topic papers. Currently, the May 1st deadline is in the middle of a majority of final exam periods for Universities on a semester system. This results in a lack of undergraduate input into the topic area paper creation process. The past 3 years, in an attempt to finalize wording papers it has been nearly impossible to find undergraduates with the time to finalize papers.
Obviously, the topic committee needs time to work on resolutions. But, the 4 possible plus weeks between May 8th and “early July” seems to provide adequate time to work on preparing resolutions – particularly if the extra week creates improved papers and greater involvement in the topic process initially.