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CEDA 2021 Pints Check and Entry Fees Update

Hello all,

CEDA Nationals is just around the corner and there are a couple of quick updates for everyone.

First, please go to Tabroom and check your points. If you see an error please contact me ( ASAP. I'll assume all points on Tabroom are correct if I have not heard from you by Monday, April 5th.

Second, the link to pay CEDA entry fees is live in the CEDA store -

Entry fees are $100 per tea through April 3rd. The price increases to $200 per team April 4th.

The primary goal of the CEDA National Championship is to provide an excellent experience for all who attend. Entry fees were maintained to help sustain generous awards, a proven virtual host, and a host of community goods, but we want every student who wishes to attend to do so. If entry fees present any barrier to entry, please contact

No registration will be accepted after April 7th.

All schools with participating teams must be current for 2021 CEDA dues.

Looking forward to a great CEDA!