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CEDA Fall Business Meeting

The 2020 CEDA Fall Business Meeting will take place during the NCA Conference on Sunday, 11/22 at 2:00pm EST here.

CEDA is honored to sponsor a tremendous set of panel discussions, paper sessions, and presentations. A full program of events is available here. You can also find the full listing at the NCA's website.

We hope this finds you well and that you will be able to join us!

2020 - 2021 Topic Vote Results - Minor Correction

I made a minor tabulation error in round 4. Topic 2 should have been eliminated instead of a runoff between topics 3 and 5. This did not impact the outcome, but does change the vote count slightly. Thanks to Nick Ryan for quickly noticing my error. Corrected tabulation below.


round 1:
r1 - 5
r2 - 9
r3 - 12
r4 - 5
r5 - 12
r6 - 5

Tie break:
r1 - 7
r4 - 11
r6 - 5

Topic 6 eliminated and votes transferred

Round 2:
r1 - 5
r2 - 9
r3 - 13
r4 - 9
r5 - 12

2020 - 2021 Topic Vote Results

Topic 3 wins. Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process.

Topic 3: Resolved: The United States Federal Government should reduce its alliance commitments with Japan, the Republic of Korea, North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states, and/or the Republic of the Philippines, by at least substantially limiting the conditions under which its defense pact can be activated.

Round by round results below.

round 1:
r1 - 5
r2 - 9
r3 - 12
r4 - 5
r5 - 12
r6 - 5

Tie break:
r1 - 7
r4 - 11
r6 - 5

Resolution Vote Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that topic ballot voting will close at 11:59pm cst on Thursday, July 16th! The topic will be announced by 3pm cst on Friday, July 17th.

The ballot for 2020-2021 resolutions is available here -

The slate of 2020-2021 resolution options is available here -

2020 - 2021 Resolution Ballot

The ballot for 2020-2021 resolutions is available here -

Voting closes 11:59PM CDT, July 16th. Topic announce by 3PM CDT July 17th.

Topic options available here -

College Policy Debate Budget Crisis Zoom Panel

Tuesday June 9th at 6:00 pm Eastern Dr. Tim Hynes (President of Clayton State University), Dr. Karla Leeper (Vice President at Augusta University), Dr. John Fritch (Dean at the University of Northern Iowa) and Dr. Ed Panetta (Communication Studies Department Chair at the University of Georgia) will host a free Zoom meeting for interested college policy debate coaches. Each panelist has extensive experience in university administration and they hope to be able to help address a number of issues related to the budget crisis facing debate programs across the country.

CEDA Summer Business Meeting Reminder

The 2020 CEDA Summer Business Meeting will take place over Zoom Thursday, May 28th from 7-9pm eastern. The link and password are available below. We look forward to seeing you soon and hope this finds you and your loved ones well!

When: May 28, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Topic: CEDA Summer Business Meeting May 2020

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Password: 6Q7wAq

Inter-organizational Debate Community Survey - Email and Link

The leadership of the American Debate Association, the Cross Examination Debate Association, and the National Debate Tournament are asking that directors complete this survey linked below, so we can better assess the particular dynamics programs are dealing with in the current climate. The goal is to gather information about resource and travel limitations to help the organizations assist programs. We understand there is significant uncertainty that likely influences your answers, but please provide your best estimates in your responses.

CEDA Sweeps Results - 2020

Congrats to this year’s CEDA points champion, Liberty University.

CEDA Points Top 10
1. Liberty University
2. George Mason University
3. Cal-Berkeley
4. Emory University
5. University of Kansas
6. Wake Forest University
7. Northwestern University
8. University of Michigan
9. United States Military Academy
10. University of Texas

Congrats to 2019-2020 Novice points champion, Monmouth University

CEDA Novice Points Top 3
1. Monmouth
2. Southwestern College
3. New York University

Controversy Area Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting process. With 59 schools voting the winner with 33 votes is Alliances.

Complete voting breakdown below.

Rd 1
Alliances - 21
Const - 4
Courts - 4
Data - 18
Econ - 12

Tie breaker
Const (6)
Courts (13)

Const Eliminated and votes transferred

R2 2

Allies - 22
Courts - 5
Data - 18
Econ - 14

Courts eliminated and votes transferred.

RD 3

Allies - 24
Data - 18
Econ - 17


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