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2014-2015 Controversy Ballot

The ballot for the 2014-2015 controversy area is now available.
Ballots are due by midnight, Friday, May 16.
One vote per school. Only 2013-2014 CEDA member schools are eligible to vote.

The ballot is available at:

The topic committee recommended 5 possible controversies for consideration.

The USFG should decriminalize certain activities
Controversy paper:,5879.0.html

Federal Definitions
Federal definitions should be changed.
Controversy paper:,5875.0.html

Labor Unions (in the U.S.) should be strengthened
Controversy paper:,5881.0.html

Poverty/Economic Inequality
Poverty/Economic inequality should be reduced
Controversy paper:,5874.0.html

Pressure from the United States should be increased on Russia.
Controversy paper:,5876.0.html