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CEDA Ballot Now Available

The ballot is now available at:

The ballot is due by midnight (central), December 16, 2014.

CEDA membership is required to vote (current or 2013-2014).

You will need an account on the main CEDA site in order to access the ballot. In addition, the account must be marked as eligible to vote. Please let me know if you need an account set up so you can vote. Those receiving this email have accounts that are eligible to vote.

The ballot includes the following officers:

2nd VP (Amber Kelsie, Brian Manuel), 3 year term beginning summer 2015.

Topic Committee (Malcolm Gordon, Kevin Kuswa, Brian Manuel), 3 year term beginning in 2015.

Mid America regional rep (Joe Koehle)

East Central regional rep (Brian DeLong)

Pacific regional rep (Andy Montee)

Southeast regional rep (Paul Leader, Patrick Waldinger)

West regional rep (Ryan Cheek, Mick Souders)