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2015-2016 Controversy Ballot Now Available

The controversy ballot for 2015-2016 is now available.
Ballots are due by midnight (central), Tuesday, May 19.
One vote per school. Schools must be current members of CEDA to participate (2014-2015 competition season).
The winning controversy will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the vote.
If you have trouble with voting, please let me know.

The ballot is online at:

There are 8 controversy areas on the ballot (listed below). Thanks to the topic committee for vetting the submissions. The controversy papers are available on the forums.


Arctic: Should the United States substantially increase its unilateral engagement with the Arctic?

Defense Spending: Should the United States substantially increase its defense spending?

Foreign aid: Should the United States reduce its foreign aid to Israel, Latin America and/or Africa?

Israel: Should the United States decrease support for, or increase pressure on, Israel?

Labor: Should pressure on nations committing labor violations be substantially increased?

Military presence: The United States should substantially alter its military presence in one or more of the following areas: Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Asia.

Multilateral Emissions: Should multilateral agreements to decrease greenhouse gas emissions be substantially strengthened?

Treaty withdrawal: The United States should withdraw from one or more treaties.