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Curriculum Discussion -- 6 v. 8; and strikesheet

As part of the curriculum reform committee, I would like to begin a thread that discusses two items:

a) For tourneys large-enough to clear beyond octas, is 6 rounds a good idea ?... or should we stick with 8 rounds ?..

b) Should the community retain preference sheets, but consider moving back to less-powerful preference sheets (for instance A, B, C, strike) ?...

I am genuinely interested in listening -- not really pushing one idea over another at this time. We welcome feedback from coaches, judges, alums, and -- of course -- students.

If this were a multi-track CBM, I would hope that our conversations would stick on the "6 v. 8 round track" and the "strikesheet power" track. Our experience with edebate suggests that this is exceptionally difficult -- but I am hoping this appeal with help.


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