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Send info via cedadebate

Hi everyone:

eDebate has not been sending info for a while and I know that has created some problems getting timely information out to other people. The CEDA website provides two great choices if you want to use them:

(1) Groups. Any registered user can set up a group, post any information, and have other people reply. And, RSS works with all of the groups, so you can know when people have posted info in groups you subscribe to. Set up a group for your tournament, your district/region, your interest group, or other affiliation.

For tournaments, you could post announcements, pairings, updates, results, and any other info you want people to have.

Every different group and post and discuss any topic.

(2) Forums. Slightly less flexible since the categories are predetermined. But, any registered user can post, upload and/or reply. And, RSS works with the forums, too. Email Jeff if you want a new forum added.

How to register? Go to the main ceda page ( and create a new account. Use the registration code CedaweB (caps sensitive). Yes, there is a lot of info to enter, but it will help us keep track of all of the users.

Forward this email to the rest of your team so they can subscribe and start using any/all of the functions on the website.

And, now is a great time. Registered users can participate in the topic process at and the development conference at

If you have question, feel free to ask.