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CEDA Nationals Update

Hello everyone:  There are a few issues for everyone to consider in the days before the national tournament.

(1)  Sweepstakes points.  The points have been calculated based on the information on debateresults.  The current standings are available online here.  PLEASE, review your points and let me know if there is a problem.  I believe the points are current, including both tournaments from this weekend (NJDDT and ADA Nationals).  I believe only the Mardi Gras and UNI novice points are outstanding -- and those will be added soon. 

(2)  Amendments.  There are several amendments for consideration.  You can find the full text online as well as a proxy form.  Remember, proxy forms are due prior to the start of the business meeting on Monday, March 23.  You can send your proxies to me or to any other person who will attend the meeting.

(3)  Membership.  You must pay membership dues to enter the tournament, receive awards, and vote on next year's topic.  You can review a list of current members online.  It isn't too late to join.  You can pay online or at registration.


If you have other question or concerns, please let me know.