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East Regional Schedule

For the geographically proximate of the Northeast (or those who like to visit us), I've posted the Regional Schedule below. I've also included the D7 and National Tournaments of interest to calendar planning.
9/19-21: Kings - Policy all divisions, "Mike Berry" ; 9/27-28: Rochester (Official Northeast Opener) - Policy all divisions, "Ken R. Johnson"
[Clarion is also this weekend];
10/4-6: Henry Clay Debates @ Kentucky
10/11-13(?): Richmond;
10/17-19: USMA - Policy all divisions
10/25-26: West Conn - Policy all divisions, "Wynn Wilcox" ;
10/31-11/3: Harvard - Policy Open, "Dallas Perkins" ;
11/8ish: Liberty; 11/15-17: Wake;
11/22-23: Binghamton - Policy all divisions, "joe leeson-schatz" ;
1/24-26: Navy;
1/31-2/1: UMASS - Policy all divisions, "Jillian A. Marty" ***REGIONAL DESIGNATE***;
2/14: Cornell - Policy Novice, JV, Rookie, "Sam Nelson" ;
2/28-2/1: Northeast Regional Championships/D8 Qualifier @ Baruch College, Vik Keenan ;
3/6-9: Nov/JV Nats @ Towson

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