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Final round panel

Section 17: The final round of CEDA Nationals shall have an odd number of judges, between 9 and 13 as determined by the below criteria.

A. (1) Each regional representative shall provide a judge and an alternate to judge the final round at the national tournament.
(2) If, by the close of registration, a region has not presented the Tournament Director with the name of a judge selected by their region for the final round panel, that region’s slot shall be forfeited.
(3) Following the conclusion of the debating in the quarter-final round, the debaters shall preference any regionally selected judge, including any alternate which may assigned to the finals round panel, who were not on the original preference sheet. No restrictions shall be placed on the preferences.

B. (1) Any remaining slots on the final round judging panel shall be filled with available judges, maximizing mutuality and preference based on each teams mutual preference judging rankings.
(2) As soon as possible after the semi-finalists are identified, the tournament staff shall post a list of judges they believe to be available who are highly preferred by the remaining teams with a request that they makes themselves available to judge the final round.

Effective Date:

Next Ceda Nationals following passage of the amendment


This amendment is an update of the previous criteria for final round panel selection. The previous language references a 9 category system of MPJ which is not the system currently employed at CEDA Nationals. Using more general language we can give the tab staff flexibility while still preserving the addition of mutuality and preference on the panel. Additionally, the previous language had the potential inequity of allowing two judges to be placed to "balance" the high ranking of one regionally selected judge.