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CEDA Ballot Now Available

The ballot for the current controversy and student representative to the topic committee is now available. The ballot is online at:

Current CEDA members are eligible to vote. If you didn't pay your dues, we can help. You can pay by check or online with a credit card. But, you'll need to be a 2010-2011 member in order to vote.

Ballots are due no later than midnight, May 15 (central). Results will be announced on May 16.

A few reminders:

End of season information


We are now accepting nominations for the student representative to the topic committee. The student should be available to attend the topic meeting at the University of Michigan June 11-13 as well as participate in the committee's research and discussions leading up to the meeting. Nominations will be open until midnight, April 14th and may be sent directly to me at Once the slate of nominees is set the executive secretary will hold the election in accordance with Ceda rules.


2010 - 2011 CEDA Memberships

The following is a list of paid members for 2010 - 2011. The list is current as of today and does include two payments made online with CEDA Nationals registration.

If you need to pay, you can pay with cash/check at registration or you can pay online with a credit card at

Membership must be paid by the start of the tournament in order to compete and earn awards (sweeps or individual). In addition, 2010-2011 membership is required to vote for next year's resolution.

If there is a mistake, please let me know.


Allen County CC

CEDA Deadlines

Two important deadlines:

(1) ENTRIES: The CEDA Executive Committee is extending the regular entry deadline until this Sunday (March 6th) after that (until March 11th) there will be a late fee accessed to each entry. Eligibility documents will also be accepted until the 6th (if you are at Towson this weekend you can just hand them to Mike there).

(2) AWARDS: All award nominations are due Thursday, March 3 by midnight. Entries can be submitted online at Login and avoid the CAPTCHA.


Journals and Development Conference Proceedings -- now shipping

The published proceedings of the 2009 Summer Developmental Conference are available.
Copies of the last three volumes of Contemporary Argumentation and Debate also are available.
Special thanks to Al Louden for editing all of this work.

CEDA December News & Ballot Info

The new CEDA ballot is available at

Each member school may vote. Ballots are due by midnight, Friday, December 30.

The ballot includes elections for 2nd VP, topic committee, Treasurer, Executive Secretary and four regional representatives.

There are nine amendments for consideration.

Two amendments were tabled at the NCA meeting (number of awards & student reps). Two were withdrawn as unnecessary.

Sarah Partlow-Lefevre will handle the final voting. Any question regarding your ballot should be directed to her.

Exec Sect Report, Nov 2010

There are several items of new business for the organization to consider at the NCA meeting later this month.

The general business meeting is scheduled for Sunday, November 14, at 3:30pm in the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square 25.

(1) Amendments. There are 13 amendments for consideration. A complete list is available at If you are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to vote on any of the items, a proxy form is available online. Please send your proxy to Mike, Jeff or anyone else you know who will attend the meeting.

2010 - 2011 Resolution Announcement

70 schools voted. A complete list is below. Resolution #1 won on a final vote of 44-26. A breakdown of votes is included.

2010 – 2011 Resolution

Resolved: the United States Federal Government should substantially increase the number of and/or substantially expand beneficiary eligibility for its visas for one or more of the following: employment-based immigrant visas, nonimmigrant temporary worker visas, family-based visas, human trafficking-based visas.

Voting Breakdown

First Ballot (vote reflects first-place votes)

Res1: 25
Res2: 10
Res3: 22
Res4: 3
Res5: 10

July Information

Hi Everyone:

The ballot for the 2010 - 2011 Resolution has been released. A complete list of the resolutions is below. All votes are due by July 14 (midnight, Central). The winning resolution will be announced on Friday, July 16.

Voting should be done online at the main CEDA website. The direct link to the ballot is

To access the ballot, you will need to be logged in and have your account set for voting.

If you'd like someone else to cast your vote, just have them email me with their login name and I will activate voting for the account.

2010 - 2011 Controversy Choices

The topic committee has forwarded five controversies for consideration for the 2010 - 2011 season.
Balloting is available now and must be completed by midnight, May 12.
Results will be announced on May 13.

1. Should the Supreme Court limit First Amendment freedoms, specifically in the area of speech?
2. Should the USFG substantially reduce restrictions on immigration?
3. Should the USFG significantly increase space exploration beyond the Earth's mesosphere?
4. Should the United States bind itself to one or more multilateral treaties?



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