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Summer Meetings Schedule, Agenda and Amendment Text

The CEDA business meetings, topic selection meetings and the debate developmental conference are about to begin in Winston-Salem NC and hosted by Wake Forest.

All of the sessions will be held at the Sundance hotel (the same property that Wake uses for the Shirley tournament).



Tuesday, June 2



Awards announced at the closing ceremony

In addition to the awards that were presented at the opening ceremony, the following awards were presented at the closing CEDA Nationals ceremony.

New Competitor of the Year - Peter Fountain, Binghamton University.

The Brian “Baby Jo” Johnston Debater of the Year Award – Dayvon Love, Towson University.

The Brownlee Coaching Award – Skip Eno, University of Texas at San Antonio.

Congratulations to all of the winners on their tremendous accomplishments!

Congratulations to the 2009 CEDA Champion - The University of Oklahoma

Congratulations to the 2009 CEDA National Champion - the University of Oklahoma team of R.J. Giglio & Nick Watts. They defeated the Towson University team of Deven Cooper & Dayvon Love on a 7-4 decision in the final round.

In one semi-final, Towson defeated the University of Texas at Dallas team of Andrew Baker & Brian Rubaie. In the second semi-final, Oklahoma defeated the University of West Georgia team of Vince Binder & Jim Schultz.

Awards given out at first ceremony

Several awards were given out during the first awards ceremony at the 2009 CEDA National Championship Tournament.

The National Public Debate Award

First Place – The University of Miami. Directed by Dr. David Steinberg.

Second Place - Appalachian State University. Directored by Mariam Willis and Kristopher Willis.

Third Place – James Madison University. Directed by Dr. Mike Davis.

The Speaker of the Year - Nate Silver of

2009 CEDA Scholastic All Americans Announced

2008-2009 CEDA Scholastic All-American Debate Teams.

The Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) is proud to announce the 2008-2009 Scholastic All-American Debate Teams. Debaters at any CEDA member programs are eligible for each respective level of award based on their academic and competitive performance. Congratulations to each student for their impresssive accomplishments.

First team Scholastic All-Americans

CEDA Nationals Update

Hello everyone:  There are a few issues for everyone to consider in the days before the national tournament.

New Awards Page Online

 CEDA has just launched its newest site:

CEDA Deadlines Approaching

Hi Everyone:

Three important deadlines are quickly approaching.

(1) CEDA Awards. Deadline is February 20. You can find the online submission info on the CEDA website.

(2) Amendments. Deadline is February 21. Log in to, create content for "amendment," and be sure to select PROPOSED AMENDMENT as the category. If you entered the info correctly, you'll see your amendment listed on the right column under Proposed Amendments.

NDT First Round at Large Bid Announcement

This information was provided by the Director of the NDT, John Fritch. Congratulations to all of these teams.

California BP
Dartmouth AH
Emory MS
Emory WS
Harvard RS
Kansas BJ
Mary Washington KS
Michigan State AW
North Texas CP
Northwestern FW
Oklahoma GW
Towson CL
Wake GL
West Georgia BS
Whitman CS



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