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2016-2017 controversy announcement

Emissions was selected as the winning controversy area for 2016-2017. 61 eligible ballots were cast. A complete breakdown of the voting is below.

Initial count of first-place votes:

Anti-racism: 6
Emissions: 28
Labor: 8
Police: 0
Poverty: 7
Taxes: 12

Police was eliminated. The votes for anti-racism were redistributed. The second count of first-place votes was:

Emissions: 29
Labor: 10
Poverty: 9
Taxes: 13

The votes for poverty were transferred. The third count of first-place votes was:

2016 - 2017 Controversy Area Ballot Available

The ballot to select the 2016-2017 controversy area is now available online at:
One vote per school. Schools must be current members in order to vote. It isn't too late to pay dues for 2015-2016 if you want to vote. The same dues payment also will allow voting on the resolution later this summer.

Ballots are due by midnight (central), Friday, May 20. Results will be announced shortly thereafter.

The controversy areas up for consideration are:

April 2016 Election Results

Thanks to everyone who agreed to stand for election. 43 schools voted. A list is below. Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected to serve on the topic committee:

Undergraduate: Michael Wimsatt, UC Berkeley
Graduate: Jake Justice, Kansas

There were two amendments. Both passed.

Odekirk service award passes 37-4.

Topic date change passes 34-6.


April Ballot Available

The April 2016 is now available. There are 2 open topic committee positions (undergrad and grad student) and 2 amendments.
Ballots are due by midnight, Thursday, April 28. One vote per school. 2015-2016 membership is required to have your vote counted.

The ballot is available online at:

Undergraduate Representative, Topic Committee

Nick Lepp, James Madison
Jasmine Stidham, Central Oklahoma
Michael Wimsatt, Berkeley

CEDA Membership, amendments and more

1. Membership. A 2015-2016 membership is required to enter CEDA Nationals, win individual or team awards, and vote on pending issues, including next year’s topic. A current membership list is provided (below). If there is a mistake, please let me know. If you need to pay your membership fees, please pay online at:

Mid-Atlantic Ballot

There was a tie for the regional representative for the Mid-Atlantic region. A new ballot is now available. One vote per school. Only current CEDA members in the Mid-Atlantic region can vote.
Ballots are due by midnight, March 27, 2016. Results will be announced on Monday, March 28.

The ballot is available online at:

You'll need an account on the main CEDA website (and the account must be marked as eligible to vote). Let me know if you have trouble accessing the ballot.

CEDA Election Results

Thanks to everyone who stood for election. 40 schools participated. The following individuals were elected:

2nd VP: Scott Harris, University of Kansas
Topic committee: Lindsey Shook, James Madison University
Recording secretary: Louie Petit, University of North Texas

Regional representatives:

CEDA Deadline Reminder

List minute reminders.

1. CEDA Election. Ballots are due by Monday, March 7, midnight (central). The ballot is available online at One vote per school. You need an account on the main CEDA site AND it must be authorized to vote. Only current CEDA members schools are eligible to vote. Results will be announced later this week.

2015 - 2016 CEDA Membership

The following institutions are members for 2015 - 2016.
If your school was inadvertently left off, please contact Jeff Jarman.
Last updated: June 24, 2016


February Update

Hello everyone: Several important items to report at this time.


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