Jackie Massey massejac
Wed Sep 3 10:01:48 CDT 1997

As usual, I have probably missed some of the posts on
one of my former debate activity stops.
As my memory recalls, we had enough money to travel two
teams to the very competetive tournaments in the Midwest,
and we got to fly also.
The reason SEO, as my understanding, was traveling that CEDA
schedule was because they could only travel to a few of the
really good NDT tournaments.
After a certain coaches era, whom I wont mention, it seems as though
the debate team has been centered around the schedule of people trying to
enhance their educational status.
I know a couple of debaters who attempted to be on the squad,
but did not find the travel schedule very attractive.
Didn't SEO have a team go 7-1 at CEDA Nationals in 1989?
Wasnt Southeast Oklahoma the first school to win the "CEDA
Junior Varsity National Tournament"?
Last but not least, didn't Nobles and Sanders debate for
SEO when they won the first NDT?

OK I know what is going on there ir!  But I will need some temptations to
release such information!

Such a rich tradition of debate!

Hail to SEO!


P.S. How do you subscribe to the Edebate list?

I had to switch over e-mail addresses!

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