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Sue E. Lowrie suee
Thu Sep 4 14:56:31 CDT 1997

I seem to have inadvertently (sp?) deleted the argument lists from ADI and
WDI...if someone out there has them could you please backchannel them to
me ASAP?  Thanks much!

Sue Lowrie
Chico State Debate '97-98
"Demented and sad, but social."
*       Rhetoric is nothing but          *
*   reason well dressed, and argument    *
*           put in order.                *
*                  --Jeremy Collier      *

>From  Thu Sep  4 15:59:05 1997
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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 15:59:05 -0400
To: Team Topic Debating in America <EDEBATE at LIST.UVM.EDU>
From: Leslie Phillips <L_PHILLIPS at SCH.CI.LEXINGTON.MA.US>
Subject: Seeking Judges for Northeastern HS Tournaments
Comments: To: ld-l at, cx-l at

        If you're at college in New York (Hudson Valley and NYC
   metropolitan area), New Jersey, or (especially southern) New England,
   have a strong high school background in policy or LD, and want to
   judge at weekend tournaments, backchannel me at this email address.
   I'm trying to provide a clearinghouse for tournament directors in
   our region.

        Les Phillips
        Lexington High School

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