The Limits of DEBATE

Alfred C. Snider asnider
Fri Sep 5 15:47:10 CDT 1997

I'll answer for Jamey this time.

Bear, the problem is AOL. My AOL account does the same thing to my eDebate
postings -- some messages get lost, some show up late, all of it out of

>First, my mail arrives late. Secondly, some of it never seems to show up. Now
>this? What kind of rinky-dink Mickey-Mouse list is this? Lest anyone be too
>offended, let me work in the obligatory smiley faces,  ;-)   8-).

The 50 message limit has been upped. This is done to keep someone from
mailbombing the entire list, all 700 of us. Therefore, it is a wise move.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not really the working listowner...

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