tab, judge assignment system.

Michelin Massey Michelin.Massey
Mon Sep 8 19:55:50 CDT 1997

hello all.

soon, we here at the university of colorado-boulder will be running a high
school debate tournament.  and, at this point, we're looking for any sort
of tab/power-matching/round and judge assigning program you may know of.

perhaps you have been to an extremely well run tournament?  what
strategies did they use to effeciently get the rounds paired, powered, and
assigned with judges and all the other things that go into making a good

if you know of such a computer program or some sort of method or
SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will be effective, please backchannel me.  i
really, really appreciate all of your help in advance...

have a good day, everyone!

michelin massey.
university of colorado-boulder.

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