Logger Invitational, Oct. 17-19

Glenn Kuper gkuper
Thu Sep 11 11:55:36 CDT 1997

Here is the invitation to the University of Puget Sound Invitational, held
October 17-19 at UPS in Tacoma, WA.  It is the First northwest designated
Tournament, so we should have a big turnout.  please call or email if you
have questions.

Could someone please cross-post to parli-L, ie-L, and PKD-L?

                                                                September 8, 1997

Dear Director of Forensics,

        The Washington Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta National Forensics Honorary
and the Communication and Theater Arts Department at the University of Puget
Sound invite you and your students to participate in the 1997 Logger
Invitational.  The tournament will be October 17-19, 1997, and is the First
1997-98 Northwest Forensic Conference Designated Tournament.

        * Please note that the Student Union Building (SUB) is now called the
"Wheelock Student Center" and the Great Hall (in        the SUB) is now known as
"Marshall       Hall".  I will refer to them by both the old and new names on the
schedule and other tournament documents.

        * We will be offering all eleven NIET events plus Argument Analysis.

        * We will be offering Novice, Junior, and Senior Division in CEDA and
PUBLIC CEDA DEBATE.  Please support this new type of evidence-based debate.

        * The 1997 Logger Invitational will take place during "Trustee Weekend" at
Puget Sound.  We hope that you will keep in mind during your visit that you
are sharing the campus not only with our students, but with a variety of
other   important members of the university community.

        We hope you will join us in October for a friendly and competitive
tournament experience which celebrates the University of Puget Sound's
commitment to excellence in forensics education.


Glenn Kuper
Director of Forensics

1997 Logger Invitational:  GENERAL INFORMATION

REGISTRATION:  All entries should be in our hands by 4:00, TUESDAY October
14, 1997.  WE WOULD PREFER THAT YOU FAX YOUR ENTRIES if at all possible; FAX
your entry to 206-756-3500 & direct cover sheet to Glenn Kuper.    You may
phone in your entry by calling 756-3272 (Kuper) on October 14 during
business hours.  Please call in changes in registration as soon as you know
of them. Confirmation of registration and fee payment will be Friday,
October 17 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Student Union Building (now known
as the Wheelock Student Center) Board Room.

DIVISIONS:  As described in the NFC Bylaws:

        NOVICE division is open only to students with less than two semesters of
high school or college debate experience.  High school and college L-D
debate experience counts as debate experience.  National CEDA rules apply
until the team has won three debate awards at which time the students are no
longer eligible for novice debate.
JUNIOR division is for students who have had extensive high school
experience and for any student who has not yet won eight debate awards in
        SENIOR division is open to all.  Anyone who has one 8 debate awards in
college must enter senior division.

        In "Public debate", and student not qualified for Novice Division must
enter Open Division.


We reserve the right to collapse a debate division if there are fewer than
six schools entered.

DIVISIONS:  Individual Events:  As described in the NFC bylaws.  Individual
events are divided into public speaking and oral interpretation events.
        NOVICE division is to help students break into forensics.  Entry is at the
discretion of the director of forensics except that students who have won
three awards in college are no longer eligible for novice division in that
category of individual events whether that is public speaking or oral
JUNIOR division is for students who have had extensive high school
experience and any student who has not yet won eight awards in that category
of individual events whether that is public speaking or oral interpretation.
        SENIOR division is open to all.  Anyone who has won 8 awards in a category
of individual events in college, whether public speaking or oral
interpretation, must enter senior division in that category of individual


Pattern A: Extemp., Persuasion, Drama, POI, ADS, Poetry
Pattern B: Impromptu, Inform., CA, Duo, Prose, Arg. Analysis
        All debate formats (CEDA/Parli/Public Debate) conflict.

Novices may enter only l event per pattern
Juniors may enter up to 2 events per pattern
Seniors may enter 5 events no more than 3 in one pattern
Students responsible for getting back and forth to conflicts!!!!

MATCHING:  Individual events will be prematched, with drops processed as we
receive them.  Your not reporting drops is not the fault of the tournament
Rounds I and II of debate will be prematched.  Rounds III-VI will be
powermatched.  In the spirit of experimentation, all power-matched rounds
will be High-Low within brackets (ie. the top 2-0 will debate the bottom
2-0, based on speaker points).

AWARDS: We will give awards to each finalist in individual events and each
team participating in debate elimination rounds.

The Charles T. Battin Award will be presented to the top open division
all-around competitor in the tournament.  A student must be entered in both
debate and individual events to be eligible for the award.

School sweepstakes awards will be awarded based on the NFC formula.

Individual events offered (S=Senior, J=Junior, N=Novice):
A Pattern: NJS Extemp, NJS Persuasive, NJS Drama, NS POI, S ADS, S Poetry
B Pattern:  NS Imp., NJS Inform, S Comm Analysis, NS Duo, NS Prose, S Arg.

All individual events will follow NIET rules.  Argument Analysis:  Student
will be provided with an argumentative artifact and will be expected to
analyze it from a theoretical or critical perspective of their choice.
Notes permitted, seven minutes maximum.  Artifacts will be posted at 3 PM
Friday in the Wheelock Student Center.

CEDA Debate Format:  8-3-5; 5 minutes maximum prep time per team.

Paliamentary Debate Format:  7-8-8-8-4-5; standard NPDA rules

Public CEDA Debate Format: 8-3-5; 5 minutes prep. Public CEDA Debate is an
event for those who wish to participate in researched quotation based debate
but do not want large research burdens and fast delivery. Public CEDA Debate
uses a narrower version of the CEDA topic, has rules establishing maximum
numbers of arguments that can be presented in a speech, and emphasizes
courteous and cooperative learning
and discussion. Specifics will be provided in an e-mail sent to all schools
in mid-late September.

JUDGES:  Because forensics is an educational activity, we believe that all
entries should be accompanied by at least one coach-judge who will provide
competent critiques for all competitors.  We will attempt to not use
undergraduate judges who have not completed their eligibility.

PARKING:  Cars and vans can access the SUB (Wheelock Student Center) and
close parking easily from Lawrence Street.

Tournament Speech Statement

        This tournament affirms the importance of all tournament participants'
cooperation in creating an educational and competitive environment that is
fair, humane and responsible while, at the same time, encouraging debates
that are devoted to full and robust argument about a diverse range of ideas.
Specifically, this tournament affirms that:
1.  Judges and students are encouraged to talk about the expectations that
they have for creating a debate that focuses on ideas instead of personal
2.  Debaters are encouraged to communicate with respect, not attacking each
other or the judge.
3.  Judges are encouraged to communicate with respect, not attacking or
devaluing students.
4.  Debaters and judges are encouraged to reject discourse which devalues
other members of our community based on their race, age, gender, class,
sexual or religious orientation, or any reason that is not directly related
to the arguments that they present.
5.  Students and judges are encouraged to communicate with each other when
they observe instances of verbally aggressive attacks rather than silently
watching something happen before them to which they object.
6.  Judges are encouraged to reward courteous and respectful behavior toward
the judge and other competitors in awarding speaker points.
7.  If serious and/or repeated demeaning speech materially or substantially
disrupts the opportunity for debaters to compete fairly or the judge to
evaluate fairly, judges are encouraged to dock speaker points or give a team
a loss.

MOTELS:  The tournament hotel is the DAYS INN, (253) 475-5900.  They are
holding a block of rooms for the tournament at a flat rate of $58.00 plus
tax.  Call in reservations, indicating that you will be attending the UPS
Logger Invitational Debate Tournament.  Other motels are (Prices are for
four people per room, not including tax):

North: Best Western Executive Inn               922-0080 $$$$
Travelers Inn                           922-9520         $$
Motel 6-Fife                                       922-1270 $
       Day's Inn-Fife                                      922-3500 $$
          Econolodge-Port of Tacoma                        922-0550 $$
          Comfort Inn                                      926-2301 $$$
        La Quinta                                          383-0146 $$$
Central: Sheraton                               572-3200 $$$$
Ramada Inn                                    572-7272 $$$
South: Sherwood Inn                             535-2800 $$
Nendels                                 535-3100 $$
Tacoma Inn                              535-2880 $$$
Motel 6-South                           473-7100 $$
Shilo Inn                               475-4020 $$$$
          Econolodge-South                                 582-7550 $
Travelodge                              539-1153 $$$

$=under $50; $$=$50-$75; $$$=$75-$100; $$$$= over $100

FEES:  All fees will be handled at registration; you do NOT need to send
your school fee in advance.  Fees will be assessed as of 5:00 on Wednesday,
October 15.  Drops after that time do not reduce fees as we hire judges and
buy trophies based on your original entry numbers.  Make checks payable to
University of Puget Sound.

        ENTRY FEES: School fee                    $30.00
                ____     Debate teams       @  $35.00 = ______
                ____     I.E. entries       @  $ 7.00 = ______
                         NFC fee per Student    @ $2.50=

        JUDGING FEES:  Please bring judges.  One judge covers Two debate teams and
six IE slots.

                ____  Uncovered debate teams @ $60 = _________
                ____  Uncovered IE slots     @ $ 8 = ______

JUDGING PENALTIES:  NO SHOW JUDGES not reported by 4:00 p.m. Thursday,
October 16 will cost you $50 penalty each, PLUS the appropriate fees for
uncovered entries.  Ballots assigned to judges from your school which are
not picked up by ten minutes after a round is scheduled to begin will incur
a $10 fee to cover a hired judge payment.

ADDS ARE NOT PERMITTED AT REGISTRATION.    Please call in drops and changes

2:00 Registration
2:30 Extemp prep
3:00 Rd 1 Pattern A
5:30 Debate 1
7:30 Rd 1 Pattern B
8:30 Debate 2


8:00 Extemp prep and Round 2 Pattern A
8:30 Rd 2 Extemp
9:45 Debate 3
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Rd 2 Pattern B
1:15 Debate 4
3:00 Extemp prep and Rd 3 Pattern A
3:30 Rd 3 Extemp
4:30 Debate 5
6:30 Rd 3 Pattern B
8:00 Debate 6


8:00 Extemp Prep
8:30 IE Finals--Pattern A
9:45 IE Finals--Pattern B
11:00 First Debate Elim.
1:00 Awards
2:00 Continue Debate Elims

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