Lane, Gina laneg
Thu Sep 11 18:03:33 CDT 1997

Hi Colleagues,

Just wanted to let you know some of the plans Linda Collier and I have
made for the K.C. Swing in January.  The UMKC tournament will be Jan 6-8
-- the WJC tournament will be Jan 9-11.  WJC will start the first round
mid-afternoon on the 9th.  UMKC will have 7/8  prelim rounds, we'll have
6 -- both tournaments will use MPJ.  Both tournaments are well known for
their hospitality, and that tradition will continue.

If you're familiar with both school's locations, you know we're less
than a thirty minute drive from each other.  Because of this, we've
negotiated a reduced rate with Harrah's Riverboat and Casino Hotel as
our central lodging place.  The hotel is convenient to all major

We'll be mailing out our invites in mid-October.  We're really excited
about the K.C. Swing, and we hope you'll join us in January.

Gina Lane
William Jewell College

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if anyone has a copy of the adi and/or wdi case lists,  i'd appreciate it
if someone backchanneled me a copy.


ddd at

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