If you want rooms at the USC hotel read this

Michael K. Davis davismk
Mon Sep 15 11:08:09 CDT 1997

I have two rooms at USC that I am not going to use. Each room has a king
size bed and a queen fold out bed. I have to cancel these by Tues. night
so let me know ASAP.

Michael Davis
Director of Debate
Mercer University
davismk13 at aol.com

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Hey, folks:

Considering the generally non-overlapping activities of the NDCA and CEDA,
I doubt that the name change would create significant confusion,
especially since only the acronyms would be similar.

The proposal of forming an umbrella organization for CEDA (NCDA) and NDT
debate is an interesting one, but including it in the name-change thread
is confusing the issues.  Any such umbrella organization is a completely
different subject, deserving a separate and in-depth discussion.

Tuna's proposal is to change CEDA's name to one which more closely
reflects its mission.  That's all.  NDT will still be NDT, there is still
no merger, and nobody is trying to assimilate anybody else.  Is there any
reason the new name would be bad for CEDA?

If NDT wants to change its name to the National Debate Conference, or the
National Debate Society, or Phred's Debate, then members of NDT should
have that discussion.  In a separate thread.

Focusing only on what Tuna has proposed, are there comments regarding the
change of name from Cross Examination Debate Association to National
Collegiate Debate Association?  Language which should be used in an
amendment?  Ideas for the new letterhead?  Objections?


Alan Dove
ad52 at columbia.edu

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