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I haven't been getting any mail for the last day.  Is EDebate up?

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For those of you in Soutwest Airlines territories, their web-site runs
weekly specials (or so) to and from various cities that offer cheaper
flights than any travel agent (in Albuquerque, at least) can beat.  They
usually require on-line purchase of ticketless travel by Friday of the
week of the special.

There are some hassles.  If you have to change planes at the city(ies)
where the specials are, you'll have to pick up and recheck your bags.  You
may also have a little bit longer layover than usual.

The special that ends this week is through either Kansas City or
Nashville.  The rates vary from $30-$70 per leg.

I found very reasonable layovers between Albuquerque/Kansas City/Chicago
Midway, that will get me to NCA for $172, which is about $150 cheaper than
anything else I could find.

Last week, I found a round about way to get my debate team to Kentucky
(we'll have to drive the 60 miles from Louisville) which saved almost $700
over the next lowest fare.

Anyway, if you're interested, point your browser to:

Look at the internet special, and then follow the instructions for
ticketless travel.  If you can deal with the (relatively minor)
inconveniences, you might manage to save a lot of money.

Tom Jewell
University of New Mexico

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