Hired Judging for King's Tournament

Berry Mike mrberry
Wed Sep 17 13:46:56 CDT 1997

Hello everyone,

If you are available for hire for the King's Tournament on September
26-28, please contact me ASAP.  I will pay you and feed and house you.

If you are entering the tournament and need hired judging, please let me
know ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To: Team Topic Debating in America <EDEBATE at LIST.UVM.EDU>
From: mike Bauer <00mhbauer at BSUVC.BSU.EDU>
Subject: Call for central states panel
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At NCA there is a scheduled roundtable discussion "Debating a shared topic
in CEDA and NDT: a Roundtable Discussion On Our Future Together."
Panelists include myself Mike Davis, Scott Deatherage, Frank Irizarry,
Allen Louden, and David Steinberg.
I would like to have the same style of panel at CSCA as I believe some issues
discussed at NCA will need more time and some issues may not be discussed and/
or new issues may arise during the season.  I would encourage the same
panelists to be part of this panel but do to the regions many of these
people are from I'm guessing they may not attend Central States, If you
would like to be part of this panel please contact me.   I know this is after
the deadline but I have cleared this with the division President, Larry
Underberg.  I do need to know soon if you would like to participate.
Thank You,
Mike Bauer
Ball State

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From: Russell Church <rchurch at FRANK.MTSU.EDU>
Organization: Middle Tennessee State University
Subject: Need Rooms for Judge and Team at KENTUCKY
Comments: cc: Mike Krueger <mkrueger at frank.mtsu.edu>,
 Greg Simerly <debate at siu.edu>
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we want to send a team to Kentucky and need rooms for Friday until for
Mike Krueger and 1 male and 1 female debater.  If anyone is cancelling
or has extra rooms, please email me or mike.

russ church

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