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Wed Sep 17 23:43:29 CDT 1997

Could someone with a copy of the AFA Constitution please backchannel me?

rick kimbrough
unlv debate

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Please backchannel me.

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After 16 enjoyable and productive years, I'm leaving UNM.  My family and I
are moving to the New Jersey/New York area as my wife pursues significant
career opportunities.

So, why do I need your help?

The department is in the process of evaluating the wisdom of
using scarce faculty and TA resources to support forensics.  Our
department, with a new Ph.D. program, is down at least six
faculty slots already (due mostly to recent retirements, people like me
who have moved the last year or so, and a couple of years of low
enrollment in the University).  We've been given permission to hire TWO
new faculty for next year.  It is almost completely unlikely that they
will hire a continuous/permanant or tenure track DOF next year.

I feel partly responsible for the ambiguity that exists.  As our budget
shrank from years of inflation, I chose to cannibalize parts of the
program to maintain a more national than regional presence.  Twelve years
ago, in better financial times at UNM (when I managed to accomplish a
quadrupling of our budget) we competed in CEDA, NDT, and IE's.  Now we
compete only in policy debate and have (depending on the day) 6-10 active
team members instead of the 15 or 20 we used to field.

As long as I have been here, there has been no question about department
support for the program.  I have made myself valuable to the department
and the university outside of forensics and we haven't suffered any
scandals.  We also enjoy a strongly favorable reputation across campus.
Most of my debaters have been good students and citizens and so on.

It is only the faculty slot that is being brought in to question at this
time.  Our budget and scholarships, barely adequate as they are, are not
in jeopardy.  They come from the general funds of the university and would
not come back to the department if debate went away.

So, what do I want?--support letters.  And time is of the essence.  My
immediate audience is the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Department Chair,
and my colleagues in the Department of Communication and Journalism.
Circling the wagon will be helpful, so letters from as many of you as
possible will help.  What I believe will be particularly persuasive are:

1)  Letters that report the reputation of the program as a representation
of the University of New Mexico and the Department of Communication and

2)  Letters that come from people other than DOFs who testify
how important debate is/was to them and to their institution and/or who
can address 1) above.  I know some of you are in programs where your Chair
or Dean or even President are former debate people.  If you can get them
to chime in, that would be very helpful--particularly if they identify
their "status".

3)  Letters from every "status" of college and university.

Time is of the essence.  The decisions about what kind of action to
take for the coming year will come VERY SOON.  E-mail letters would be
the most efficent way for me to be able to distribute the support to my
department.  Please send them to me, but address them to Dr. Karen Foss,
who is our new Chair.  I will distribute them to the faculty and keep
copies of them to share wherever else they need to go.

If anyone prefers to address Dr. Foss directly, it would still probably be
better to send stuff to me:

        Tom Jewell
        Department of C&J
        University of New Mexico
        Albuquerque, NM 87131

As the tired, old, letter ending goes:  "Thank you for your time and
consideration.  It is greatly appreciated."


Tom Jewell
University of New Mexico
(505) 277-3302   office
(505) 277-4206   fax
tjewell at  e-mail

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