research help needed!

Sue E. Lowrie suee
Mon Sep 22 11:27:45 CDT 1997

Hi everyone!  I know you all are just returning from tournaments or
getting ready for one, or both, but I have a seed to plant in your
mind...if anyone has videos of debates involving both males and females
(in the same debate preferably...but can be all same) that you could let
me borrow it would be greatly appreciated.  I need them from all levels of
debate if possible...novice, junior and senior levels!

If you have any tapes that may apply, please backchannel me.  I would like
to get them by November/December, and will be done with them by February
at the latest.


Sue Lowrie
Chico State Debate '97-98
"Demented and sad, but social."
*       Rhetoric is nothing but          *
*   reason well dressed, and argument    *
*           put in order.                *
*                  --Jeremy Collier      *

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