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UNI Case List is coming through in four sections.  Be patient -- all
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University on Northern Iowa
September 20-22

Arnie Madsen             Cate Palczewski
Director of Forensics    Debate Coach

Compiled by

Heather Dzuricky
Graduate Assistant
University of Northern Iowa


Augustana IL BC (Jeremey Bratt & Katie Charles): Philippines/SOFA
PLAN:  Agree to Philippine recommendation on use of SOFA(?)  (?
increase mil. contacts and port calls.)
CASE: Scen 1: Arms Race - US presence deters SEAsian Arms race.
Scen 2:SCS - Incresed Chinese presence; US deters

Augustana SD MT (Mike Muilenburg & Sara Thalacker):  Help Burma!
PLAN:  The USFG will increase its SA to Myanmar(Burma) by
revoking current US sanctions that prohibit US security
assistance.  The federal government will restore assistance aimed
at economic development and ?constructive engagement.?  These
programs will be funded through ESF.  All enforcement will be
through normal means.
CASE:  Scen 1: economy increasing in Burma.  Economy sucks, we
make it better.  Democracy halts chaos.  Scen 2: ASEAN key to
peace  Solv:  Engaging Burma good
Answers/Tricks: -Link ans. all say AFF is economic aid & thus
doesn?t link   -Say lifting sanctions is effect of plan   -Say DA
not unique because France and US sent an oil rig to Burma   -
China DAs get wached becasue ASEAN security increases

Augustana IL/SD  CK (Wesley Calvert & Nick Kloos)  see Augustana
War:  Scen 1:  Sanctions cause Myanmar collapse    Scen 2:
Sanctions cause US-ASEAN conflict

Baylor BP (Chris Brasure & John Palmer): Nuclear Security Regime
PLAN:  The USFG will increase SA and new nuclear nations in the
topic by establishing a regional nuclear security regime as per
Robert Manning.  Support will include safe-tech, transfer,
training, & radiation monitoring.  R&D coop for waste managment
facilitation, reprocessing, and closed end fuel cycle programs
will be provided as required.  All bilateral treaties and
negotiation rights will be maintained.  Membership will be open
to all regional nuclear states.  Funding & enforcement thru
normal means, including consultation with relevent actors.
CASE:  Cont 1:  Nuclear Power instable in Asia  Cont 2:  Diaster-
--Accidents, Prolif, Tension  Cont 3:  Solv- Everyone wants
regional nuclear regime (Japan, China, & SEAsia)

Baylor CC (Ben Coulter & Rebecca Coulter): De-bombing Laos
PLAN:  Magnetic winding magnetometers to Laos to solve debombing.
Training & assistance as necessary; through all necessary &
sufficent means.
CASE:  adv. 1 - People die/bombs blow people up  adv. 2 -
Hunger/bombs kill agriculture hunger = moral obligation  adv. 3 -
moral obligation to rectify wrongs of Vietnam
Answers/Tricks:  Being done now; AFF only changes technology

CSU-Fullerton BH (Mario Basora & Ramir Hernandez)  same as CSU-
Fullerton HL

CSU-Fullerton HL (Laura Heider & Demetrius Lambrinos): GID in
PLAN:  Through any normal & necessary means, the USFG will
increase SA to the Philippines by extending and ESF package
constructed around gender and development principles.  The
package will include(but is not limited to): data collection,
credit access funding, skills training and all other relevent
goals as they become apparent.
CASE:  Obs 1:  World Bank Standard Adjustment uses Women in
Development Mode; destroyed Philippine economy (its bad; WID bad
- GID good)    Obs 2:  Harms - prostitution and domestic violence
(these are worse than war, must stop at all costs); Economic
marginalization leaves Phil. women open to abuse    Obs 3:  Solv
- Gender in Development good; solves structural adjustment,
economy; gives women access to income which solves domestic
violence; US must lead efforts in gender equality; GID combats
sexism & poverty  [Solv cites:  Blumber 95 EnGENDERing Wealth &
Well Being; Moser 95 Evaluation Country Development Policies &
Programs; Momsen 91 Women & Development in the Third World]
Answers/Tricks - The sentence before the plan in the 1AC claims
to stop structural adjustment   -Plan uses NGOs

Dartmouth CS (Mark Culyba & Sarah Snip)
PLAN:  Through Track Two process, the USFC should offer
interested topic nations needed technical support, including
auxillary equipment, materials, and sources, to support
confidence building measures consistant with China?s modified
multilateral South China Sea Joint Development Scheme.  Funding
enforcement provided .  We have intent.
CASE:  Contention 1   A.  South China Sea conflicts inevitable
because China needs resources.  South China Sea causes arms
races, Japan militarization, miscalc  B.  ?Cold Peace? is
bad/stalemate = Japan Arms; Arms race decreases regional coop,
conflict decreases coop.  Contention 2   A.  ASEAN negotiations
fail   B.  Joint Development solves, participants support it, =
incentive for China to behave.

Dartmouth FM (Anita Farahany & Grey Mead):  CBMs
PLAN:  Through the Track Two process, the USFG should offer
interested topic nations needed technical support, including
auxillary equipment, materials, and sources, to support CBMs;
consistent with the China?s modified multilateral SCS Joint
Development Scheme.  Funding and Enforcement provided.
CASE:  Cont. 1:  War is inevitable   a. HOT WAR - escalation,
miscalulation, nuke use (US-Sino War), Spratlly invasion   b.
COLD WAR - Arms race leads to Japanese nationalism; kills
regional coop; territorial disputes key     Cont. 2: Solv - Joint
Development solves motive, China will to cooperate
Answers/Tricks  -AFF is not military CBMs    - Miscalc is
independent of the A point

Dartmouth HL (David Hung & Steve Lehotsky)  see Dartmouth FM
        CBMs to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, & Vietnam   -pulls
in China

Eastern New Mexico BF (Matt Barreto & John Foy) AMRAAMs to
PLAN:  AMRAAMs to Malaysia to equip F/A 18 Hornets; offer through
Case: Adv 1:     U.S.-Malay relations key to regional stability,
Adv 2.  Investor confidence = growth IMS-GT

Eastern New Mexico GG (Veronica Garcia & Chandra Garrett)
Plan: Clean up Subic & Clark:  1.  the US will provide the
necessary SA to the Philippine government that allows for the
clean up of the toxic waste that was left behind as part of our
security basing policy that was terminated in 1992.  The US will
level civil penalties against former DoD officials that are
responsible for allowing the continuation of the problem.  Fines
will be given to Philippine government for liability of damage.
2.  Funding & Enforcement guaranteed
Case: Obs 1:  US not cleaning up waste @ Subic/Clark AFB - deny
existence of waste; should clean ?irrelevent of responsibility?;
Waste is significant.  Obs 2: Cleanup saves lives; toxics
threaten thousands; it?s a ticking time bomb; US should clean up
(have tech/it?s our moral obligation/original agreement requires)

Eastern New Mexico GW (Katie Gilkinson & Shawn Wilkerson): Toxic
Waste Cleanup/Clark AFB
Plan:  US provides necessary security assistance to the
Philippine government to clean up toxic waste @ Subic Bay/Clark
AFB; also civil penalties.
Case:  -US left waste  Adv 1:  Toxic waste harnful - moral

Eastern New Mexico KR (David Keller & Leonard Redhorse III)  same

Emory FH (Dan Fitzmier & Stephen Heidt): Maritime Surveillence
PLAN:  In order to increase SA to Singapore, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia, the US, under the auspices of
ARF, should non-exclusively establish a maritime surveillence
regime including all necessary tech and training.
CASE:  Scen 1:  SCS    Scen 2:  SLOCs   Scen 3: Asian Wars

Emory KS (George Kouros & Anjan Sahni) same as Emory FH

Emory TT (Vic Tabak & Anne Marie Todd)  Phil. defese ships
Plan:  Providing the Philippine, through the EDA section of the
FMS budget, with a package of used Perry frigates & Cyclone class
coastal defense ships.  As part of the package, joint training
and excercises will be conducted.
Case:  Cont 1: US presence key to solve wars; arms race,
conflicts, culture  Cont 2: US presence & US alliance with
Philippines solves for power vaccuum
Answers/Tricks:  Straight Turn ASEAN DA

Florida State AV (Ari Allyn & Erin Velherst) same as Florida
State MM

Florida State CS (Michelle Cobas & Gina Southerland): Micro-
PLAN:  USFG shall increase SA by at least doubling ESF monies.
The USAID will dedicate these funds to the espansion of Grameen
(?) banks Replication Projects providing micro-enterprise
programs funding one or more of the SEAsian nations.  Funding
through reallocation of USAID devolpment assistance monies.
CASE:  Obs 1:  Need increase in micro-credit & Grameen banks to
alleviate poverty and empower women.    Adv 1:  Women?s
empowerment     Adv 2:  Poverty alleviation

Florida State MM (Robin Moskowitz & Cati Muldoon): Philippine MDT
PLAN:  USFG, under the auspices of MAP, will begin negotiations
and amendthe MDT of 1952 with Philippines to include SCS
contingencies.  All relevent agencies will be informed.  No
change in any other SCS policy.
CASE:  Obs 1:  Philippine State of MDT    Obs 2:  SCS   a. China
aggression  b.  War; organizations & security structures want to
contain China; escalates

Florida State PR (Andre Perez & Brian Reddinger):  same as
Florida State MM

George Mason CI (Sarah Clifton & Jay Igiel)
Plan:  The USFG will increase SA by giving funds through ESF to
the topic countries to fund and purchase the following
(including, but not limited to) mosquito nets, insecticides,
vaccines and treatments (including antibiotics and other drugs).
All surveillance, administration & distribution will be regulated
by the CDC in coop with other related actors.
Case:  -Malaria kills 2 million; Malaria resistant to antibiotics
& becoming incurable.   -Dengue kills people, spreads to US
Solv:  Must have $ to buy vaccines; vaccines possible; can be
controlled by stopping breeding; US key to solve

George Mason KW (Peter Krien & Jake Weiner) Intelligence Sharing
Plan:  The US will guarantee security assistance through, but not
limited to, Naval Intelligence Sharing, military infrastructure
building, maritime surveillence & a substantial increase in
military exercises.  Additionally, these excercises will be
guarateed to be done on a manual basis.  All necessary
interoperationability materials will be transferred via FMS, FMF
and/or EDA.  The plan will be done after consultation with
appropriate actors.
Case:  Harms:  1. SCS - most likely scenario because oil and
territorial claims; China  requiring power projection; will draw
US in; will cause war (nuclear); US must act in window of
oportunity; 3 reasons why peacful China wrong.  2. Pirates -
Pirates kill refugees; 36,000 refugees at risk; Brink -
Environmental Disaster Inevitable, pirate attack , continued
attacks create oil spills threatening life in region.  Solv:
Maritime Surveillence solves power vaccuum, surveillence solve
piracy, must increase excercises; lead to coop and coalition;
can?t rely on engagements

Georgetown KS (Kwon & Steele)
PLAN:  In consultation with all relevent parties, the President
will direct a substantial set of current ESF monies to be
obligated and guaranteed as loans to Singapore, Malaysiaa and
Thailand.  the loans will be to stabilize the balance of payments
and otherwise stabilize SEAsian currencies.  Normal means.
Case:  Obs 1:  SEAsian currency collapse imminent; IMF does not
solve; US will not act in SQ.  Obs 2:  Currency collapse results
in internationsl financial meltdown; investor confidence is
shaky; global protectionism occurs; No global economy; all enter
nuke war
Obs 3:  US Assistance stabilizes economic market by guaranteeing
$; US possesses needed resources; US participation key; only USS
leadership on currency solves

Georgia CM (Michael Cates & Chris McIntosh):  Maritime Security
PLAN:   The USFG in consultation with appropriate regional actors
will provide non-exclusive AS to ASEAN nations which currently
receive SA through ARF & ASEAN PMC to establish a multilat
maritime surveillence safety regime with an expanded INCSEA
agreement.  This will include, but is not limited to: all
necessary military equipment and logistical support to set up
data collection and distrib regime
CASE:   Adv 1. Arms race   2.US-Japan Security Alliance
3.Economy  4. SLOCs  5.Oil Spills;  China wants a regional
maritime regime   SOLV cites:  Stuart, Adelphi Paper 299;
Strategic defense Studies - Working papers #278 & #274; Wallace
Journal of Peace Research 95.

Illinois State BR (Leah Bruno & Mike Reno):  Energy sources
PLAN:  USFG will increase SA via the ESF in the SA budget in the
form of cash transfers which will be dispursed on a project basis
contingent that it is used to subsidize their purchase of US IGCC
(integrated gasification combined cycle) and other EE tech. with
consulting.  Funding normal means.
CASE:  Adv 1: Mid East Oil - increased Asian deman = fight for
oil     Adv 2: Nukes - energy shortage creates needs for nukes
which creates prolif.   Solv - IGCC saves energy; IGCC decreases
pollutotion increses electricty;  giving tech diffuses

Illinois State LM (Marcy LaFountain & Khalil Marrar)
Plan: Fund HTGRs so that they cost less than traditional reactors
for developing nations to buy.
Case:  Adv 1: Proliferation snowballs into war.  Asia will get
nuclear power and is a prolif risk.  HTGRs solve prolif and saves
NPT.   Adv 2: Nuke accidents such as Chernobyl are a high risk.
HTGRs solve becuase they are extremely safe

Illinois State PS (Jeff Powell & Kevin Suess) Landmines in Laos
Plan:  Laotion landmines.  Consult with ASEAN and other
international actors.  Use comic books for mine awareness.
Case: -Education to Laos on Landmines; children harmed  -Moral
Imperative Underview; US lied about bombings in Laos
Answers/tricks:  - Do Not demine; only educate   - Cluster bombs
excluded from demining agreements in the SQ.

Iowa CH (Eric Christensen & Kara Haughney):  same as Iowa JM

Iowa FR (Trevor Foster & April Rathe):  same as Iowa JM

Iowa JM (Mike Jensen & Ted Moore): Thai-Burma Refugees
PLAN:  USFG shall adopt the Thai-Burma Refugee Protection Act
which provides the following:  1.  the funding shortfalls of the
Burmese Border Consortium shall be met to eliminate the need for
an active UNHCR role regarding border refugees.
2.  Protective technical and financial assistance shall be
provided in accordance with the proposals of Ryscavage, the South
Morning China Sea Post, and Baroness Cox.  Monitoring of the
refugee flow & cross-border raids shall be increased so as to
adapt the aid to changing situations.  Protective shelter,
physical security shall be guaranteed in accordance with
consultation with the Thai government.  Te exact cost of the
program shall be determined by the BBC and other Karen refugee
associations.  It is estimated that the plan shall offer at least
$2 million in assistance.
CASE:  Scenarios:  Thailand Refugees/Floods & Diseases/ Cross
border raids

Iowa KR (Amanda Kueter & Michael Roston): IMET to Indonesia
PLAN:  Congress will repeal the Idonesian Military Accountability
Act & end all human rights conditions and criticisms linked to
Indo. SA.  The DoD will offer Indo. participation in the IMET or
E-IMET programs at fiscal year 1997 levels.  The intent of the
plan is to re-establish security assistance relationship that was
cancelled in June.  Enforcement, funding & implementation through
normal means
CASE:  Cont. 1: government policing threatens to start a
revolution, leadership vaccuum exists in the SQ; military will
take power causing instabiility and 500,000 deaths; linking
relations on human rights destroys US-Indo relations.  Cont 2:
IMET key to strategic relations with Indo.; IMET helps pro-
democracy forces in Indo.; military training globalizes Indo.
-Spending answers rely on the fact that cash is already
allocated. - On Clinton they claim that business will help
Clinton overcome the anti-indonesia lobby

Iowa PS (Jill Podgorski & Karen Scott): Piracy Control
Plan:  The USFG will increase SA by putting on an E7-67 based
Airborne Warning & Control System (AWAC) & P3C Orion aircraft
under the control of the Regional Piracy Center (RPC) in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia.  US service people will fly those planes, but
all surveillence withh be directed and redistributed by RPC.  No
anti-sub capabilities will be included nor military surveillence
conducted or disseminated.
CASE:  Obs 1:  Piracy increasing   Scen 1:  Trade.  Piracy
disrupting trade in SEAsia; trade instability  Scen 2:
Environment.  Piracy risks enviro disaster; oil spills, fish wars
Scen 3: Accidental War.  Countries suspect each other of being
behind piracy; risk accidental war

Kansas AM (Hajir Ardebili & Grant McKeehan)  same as Kansas MM
except CMAC budget guaranteed at $10 million a year
PLAN:  US will provide assistance to topic countries through the
ARF process, including training and technical support for
establishing coop monitoring centers, & surveillence information
relevent to monitoring activity in the SLOC.  Coop monitoring
centers & data distributionn through any governmental or NGO
actors selected by these nations.  Necessary funding & logistical
support guaranteed.
CASE:  Obs 1: WAR.  A. MISCALC - maritime instability , conflicts
could escalate, covert data, lack transparancy, SCS   B. PIRACY
increasing in SCS, oil spills, environ impacts, risks escalation.
Obs 2: SOLV - maritime surveillence solves, coop solves, coop
montioring increases stability; US should disseminate satellite
info; only US can lead, information balance, decrease threat
construction, peaceful settlements

Kansas BR (Chad Brockman & Nathan Rodriguez)
**Coach says this has something to do with demining, but no one
really trusts rumors **

Kansas HF (Scott Herndon & Steve Flinn): Save the Elephants
PLAN:  The USFG give $5 million to set up Elephant Conservation
Fund - $ comes from ESF  - crack down on poaching and increase
law enforcement & habitat management; modelled after Africa
Elephant Fund & HR 1787.
CASE:  Obs 1: Asian elephants are not protected     Obs 2:
Elephants are being lost    - Human/Elephant conflict; Poaching;
Keystone species impact

Kansas ME (Amy Miller & Mike Eber):  Bombs in Laos
PLAN:  US will make a long term multilateral committment to the
removal of unexploded ordinance from Laos.  The US will provide a
data badse of all bombin sorties over Laos & guarantee tech
assistance & support including advanced metal detection, air
knives, & Lexfoam.  restrictions on provifing supplies and
demolitions on a grant basis will be lifted.  The US will committ
to providing annual assistance of $10 million for the next 5
CASE: Cont 1: US left Laos a mess; lots of unexplained
ordinances, mostly children; causes famine.  Cont 2: US should
clean it up;  allocated some to Laos already but they need more;
tach will diffuse to other areas; new tech will solve ordinance
including mines; moral obligation

Kansas MM (David Magariel & RJ Melman):  Demining Cambodia
PLAN:  USFC will increase its support for demining programs in
Cambodia by providing technical & economic support to ensure a
full CMAC operating budget.
CASE -MINES KILL.  300/month in Cambodia. US must clean up (moral
obligation) because Cambodia was our geo-political pwan.     -
CIVIL WAR.  Mines are number one barrier to agriculture
development; key to avoid civil war; Destabilizing SEAsia       -
GENOCIDE.  Mines kill mostly males=genocide     - SOLV: Need full
fundin; US funding results in global modelling; $ key to
demining; CMAC solves with full funding; must speed up process
Answers/Tricks  -CMAC is government but NOT Hun Sen

Kansas SH (Tom Seymour & Ryan Hudson): Joint excercise w/
PLAN:  The US will adpot any policy changes necessary to ensure a
long term committment to regular joint exercises with the
CASE:  Obs 1:  Loss of US credibilty; cutbacks endanger US
engagement; cancelling joint exercises is seen as a sign of
weakness; ignoring situation increases risk if disaster.  Obs 2:
(numerous scenarios  - generally say SEAsia flashpoint)  12
scenarios (that include): Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan,
economic dependence does not preclude war, SLOCS, Arms race,
escalation, miscalc   Obs 3: Solv - US committment key to show
committment; multiple flashpoints, US presence ensures stability;
joint excercises deter flashpoints; increase forward deployment
Answers/Tricks  -In 12/96, we stopped Joint excercises and port
calls; uniqueness answer

Kentucky CK (Chris Clemons & Aaaron Kall):  Piracy
PLAN:  USFG will increase SA by offering Anti-piracy Assistance
in the form of increased government to government intelligence.
Law enforcement & training will be provided; Regional dialogue
and coop enforcement efforts, including, but not limited to,
joint patrolling, electronics, ship identification,
CASE:  Obs 1:  Pirates & related organized criminal activity.
The US Naval data collected on piracy incidents used.  Adv 1:
Regional/Global Devastation.  Scen 1: Conflict escalation;
pricacy leads to suspicion/war  Scen 2: Maritime trade.  Sea Lane
trade key to economy; Economic collapse bad.

Kentucky JR (Paul Jensen & Brian Ray) same as Kentucky CK

Liberty BL (Rob Burns & Bill Lawrence):  CBW attack
PLAN:   The USFG shouls increase its SA to all eligible ASEAN
nations in the following manner : The US should authorize the
transfer of military equipment through FMF for the purpose of
minimizing the impact of chemical & biological attacks.  The US
should also authorize necessary FMF funding for the relevent
training and coop CBW defense efforts.  Assistance should include
training on the establishment of chemical/biological attack
response teams
CASE:  Attacks are coming.  A.  Nation to nation attacks with
CBWs   B.  Terrorist attacks comings; hundreds, thousands die if
successful   C. New tech solves, plan allows quick detectiona of
outbreaks; exchange program solves   Plan does not apply to Burma
& Cambodia, they are not eligible under this plan.

Liberty JS (Doug Johnson & Lacy Siegalkoff):  Aid to Burma
PLAN:  USFG will increase SA to Myanmar (Burma).  Funding &
enforcement through normal means.  Intent is to constructively
CASE:  The US is not engaged with Burma.  This is bad because
Scen 1:  US leadership must be engaged in SEAsia to balance power
strategies in Asia (US-Japan-China arms races)   Scen 2: INDIA -
US must engage with Burma b/c if they pull China will fill the
vaccuum & India will feel encircled.  Results in India/Pak Nuke
War.    Scen 3:  Cultural imperialism - current embargo =
imperialist/forcing human rights abuse which stops reform.

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