CEDA is still alive

Wed Sep 24 14:37:02 CDT 1997

CEDA is still alive

Just a few comments about David's post:

1. CEDA is not dead; CEDA and NDT have become virtually indistinguishable
other than a slight difference in circuits and organizational structures;
but CEDA is still going strong--look at the number of teams at So Carolina
and U Northern Iowa; the WWU Scrimmage here in the NW looks to have about
the same number of teams as it has had in the past (though I am concerned
about the reduced number of squads competing at the scrimmage). CEDA-NDT
meets the objectives of our program as we have students who want intensive
research including on issues (like nuclear proliferation, hegemony, deep
eco critiques, etc.) that get debated frequently.

2. At the same time, CEDA-NDT does not meet the needs of many programs at
this time (for example, CEDA-NDT does not meet the needs of some of our
students). We need a "middle ground" for programs that want researched,
quotation based debate. ADA, NEDA, NFA LD have filled in for this but have
not caught on nationwide as CEDA did in the 80s. I'm not sure that this is
a bad thing though as I think a national organization which, at least in
the past, has been matched by a national circuit may work against the goals
of these programs. National circuits are beyond the financial means of many
programs. National circuits have their own standards for good
argumentation, like regional communities, but since they involve
communities that are inaccessible to many, they are not influenced by these
programs' objectives. The result is that the community's standards
inevitably become divorced from the goals of these "middle ground"

So, in a nutshell, our organization is not dead. But it certainly isn't
reaching all the programs that it used to.

Jim Hanson

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