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Alfred C. Snider asnider
Thu Sep 25 08:55:46 CDT 1997

>Another message that will probably be ignored.
>Kelly Young

Kelly, I think you and others are being heard.

My posting has pleaded for comments from all programs, especially those who
have complaints. I have tried to outline the message I have been receiving
on these issues -- a form of response I learned in grad school: "What I
hear you saying is....".  Glenda Treadaway has done a survey of member
schools about format ideas and choices, and we are using that data. I ask
anyone interested in helping Glenda to contact her.
[treadwaygj at] I have asked her and her committee to work
on this project over the next three weeks. My lengthy report from the
Summer meeting listed the work of this committee and their ideas.

Whatever you may think of past CEDA, this is now. I want to work with
others on this and other issues. I want to hear, to understand, and to help
make proposals which can stop the loss of member schools.

I appreciate your feedback very much.



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Dear Debate Community,
Here are the results of the recent survey on alternative formats for CEDA.
Remember these may not reflect the committee's viewpoints, this is what
those who bothered to return the survey indicated.

They would like to see 2 person teams debating a narrower version of the
policy topic.  They wanted the time limits and cross examination to remain
the same.  They did not want rules about how much evidence or how many
arguments can be used.  They did support the use of both traditional and
nontraditional judges.

Up front you should know that only 30 people returned their surveys.
Clearly not a representative sample of the debate community.  The survey
was posted on the listserve and an attempt was made to contact schools
which had previously been associated with CEDA but have not joined in two

I hope this informs the current discussion on a new format.  Please
communicate with me about your wishes so that I can communicate these to
the executive committee in my report.

Glenda J. Treadaway, Chair
New Format Committee

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