New Ethic(s)

Arnie Madsen Arnie.Madsen
Thu Sep 25 09:59:14 CDT 1997

The call for a new ethic regarding room cleanliness didn't really
materialize (at least not at UNI) -- we delivered a large trash bag to
each competition room on Saturday, yet folk still often ignored them.
Please, consider the host institution, and their clean-up costs, when
you attend a tournament.  Cleaning up after yourself after each debate
doesn't take much time -- have the host school clean up after 90 teams
is a real pain.

Second, on the call for citations on case disclosure forms -- how about
just an ethic to turn in the disclosure forms?  We handed them out at
registration on Friday, so the teams could disclose their aff plan and
case for the case list -- a few were turned in, but far more were not.

We stapled a copy to most ballots on Saturday, and then targetted certain
teams on Sunday for which we had little information.  We were still trying
to track down information on some teams during round 8, since no one had
provided info before then.

How about this example -- a team is affirmative in the first two rounds,
and no disclosure form is turned in.  In round three the form says "same
as round 1."  In round five the form says "same as round 1."  Finally,
we try to find a coach from that school during the last two rounds who
can provide some type of information about the case -- first answer is
that it is "the same as the other teams from the school" -- problem with
that is there are multiple cases from the school.  Go back to the coach,
second answer is that it is "something to do with demining."

For case lists to be useful, all have to at least try to help with the
process.  Cites would be great, but we need the basic information on at
least the topic the case deals with before citations are useful.
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