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Deborah A Prieto Deborah.A.Prieto
Mon Sep 29 17:12:18 CDT 1997

Can someone from Valdosta please post a list of teams and judges for this
weekend's tournament?


Debbie Prieto
UMiami Debate

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Subject: Re: Camp Ev--Move On!!

I do think we need to hear what Scott is saying here.  I used some
budget to help students get to camp this year, and I think a good
camp is a good thing; used to run a high school camp myself.  The
only problem I see with camps is not the fault of the camps, nor
necessarily of the debaters from the camps.  It is that sometimes the
JUDGES who come out of the camps (and perhaps coaches like myself who
have sent students to camp) tend to look at camp cases and arguments
as being all there is to say about the topic.  Thus, arguments that
were NOT "in camp" tend to receive less weight, while arguments from
camp tend to receive more weight than they might deserve.  I think
this is often subconscious--maybe awareness will help us be more
constructively critical of all arguments we hear.


On 29 Sep 1997, Scott Elliot wrote:

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> Boy, people sure get sensitive. I did not say we should launch a commando raid on WDI--ALL I am saying is that teams are relying too much on their camp evidence. As for "WAHHHH!!!!" Its our first to

> When I have teams that want to go, I send them. Its that people are becoming addicted to camp evidence. That is all they use for the rest of the year.
> How many times do I have to hear the China disad from July before people catch on that it will probably be turned or not uniqued.
> Again, CAMPS GOOD!!!      Overreliance on Camp evidence and arguments BAD!!
> Scott

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