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        Could Paul Bellus from U of Iowa please backchannel me.

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Subject: Pi Kappa Delta host in 2001?
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     Pi Kappa Delta is looking for chapters interested in hosting the
2001 National Tournament and Convention.  While we are particularly
interested in a West sight, difficulties in coordinating spring breaks
has led us to open up the search to all interested parties.

     Hosting this event is a great opportunity for a school.  Benefits

1.  A feature article in THE FORENSIC, as well as constant publicity for
    your local chapter in PKD's new newsletter, THE KEY.
2.  Waived provincial and national dues for the year of and prior to the
    hosted nationals.
3.  Waived tournament and convention fees for the national event being
4.  Several complimentary banquet tickets for distinguished guests.
5.  The invitational tournaments of the host school are usually much
    larger the year of and prior to the nationals...extra revenue!
6.  MUCH less expense to attend the national tournament...it's in your
    own backyard!

     At minimum, a local host would need to provide the following...

1.  90 to 100 rooms for competition and extemp draw
2.  a tabulation area--either small rooms adjacent to one another or
    one-two large areas
3.  four computer/printer set-ups for tabulation
4.  a hotel facility with 300+ rooms, accomodations for a meeting and
    banquet of 800, breakout rooms for 8 provinces to meet, as well as
    two permanent rooms for a store and hall of fame/history display
5.  an equivalent of 20-25 full time critics for ies and debate
6.  a group of tournament workers not obligated as competitors or
7.  support from your province

As well, local hosts have offered...

1.  donations of cash or in-kind needs (printing, etc.)
2.  provincial hosting of the kickoff receptions Wednesday evening
3.  support from the local chamber of commerce or tourism bureau in
    terms of registration assistance, stuff for "goodie bags," etc.

     This is really a very special opportunity.  As someone who has
helped host a nationals, the experience is a labor of love.  I encourage
any and all interested parties to contact me for more information.  I am
very interested in securing a list of potential sites by the upcoming
NCA convention.  I will be happy to discuss further details with any and
all interested parties.

     I look forward to hearing from many of you!

Scott Jensen
PKD President-Elect
Webster University, St. Louis MO

(314) 968-7439--office
(314) 909-1332--home
sjensen at websteruniv.edu

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