The Great Debates

Tue Sep 30 21:26:53 CDT 1997

    After reading of the great debate between the Weber team and Bear and
Marlow, I thought of some other fine debates that could occur in our debate
community.  The possibilities are without limits.  Here's my favorite sequels
to the Great Debate.

    ENMU:  Barreto and Foy vs. Delaughder and Massey
           (Don't run China boys, Ken's a master at it)

    KSU:   Glaser and West vs. Stanfield and Sabee

    UMKC:  Barker and Betz vs. Kingston and Collier

    MAC:   Alme and Garen vs. Haefele and Lesicko  (My personal favorite)
           By the way Ms. Alme, read story #69.  It's one of Taras favorites.

    ESU:   Holland and Tate vs. Strickland and Biles
           (Ladies, watch out for Coach sticking it down your throat in 2NR)

    MIAMI(FL)  Wulkan and Paulose vs. Williams and Steinberg
               (CLEAR PLEASE.  I SAID CLEAR)

    MSU:     Cornelier and Sullivan vs. Repko and Repko

Of course these are just my thoughts while being bored in Emporia.  They seem
much funnier over Margaritas at Carlos O'Kelly's with Tara who will laugh at
anything.  If they do occur, let everyone know the results.  P.S. - Congrats
to Bear.  Way to dust off the old vocal cords and show those boys whose in

                                            The Chief

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