Alternative agent counter-plans

Joel David Rollins JD.Rollins
Thu Sep 4 16:48:42 CDT 1997

korcok has answered most of the relevant questions here.  but this, again,
seems to be only a disad.  NB:  my teams of course will run asean, japan,
vietnam, etc cps to their little hearts content.  coopting the aff
advantage is the vogue way to win these days, but that doesn't mean that it
is "good argument" any more than the mclaughlin group is good journalism.


>I think that this type of counterplan might be very important to the topic
>this year and I think the legitimacy of the appraoch ASEAN approach would
>be determined by your ability to find solvency cards - proving (to Korcok
>and Rollins) that there is propensity for the Cplan.
>Shawn Whalen
>> if i can't fiat vietnam to give up its claim to the spratly's why can i
>> fiat vietnam to particpiate in ASEAN negotiations about giving up its
>> claim.
>> Aaron Moburg-Jones
>> Gonzaga Debate

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