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Alfred C. Snider asnider
Wed Sep 24 17:35:53 CDT 1997

Steve Hunt says:

>I think the key is real public judges. Have 7 9 ll college students ,
>professors, bright folks judge or , if limited, have l or 3 people judge
>some proportion of debates. Don't keep these people out of power matched
>round or elimination rounds. For the experiment to work they have to be
>used both in prelims and in power rounds and in eliminations.
>Debaters want to win. They will adjust their speed, their jargon, their
>dress, their courtesy, etc. to fit the public if they must.

I agree.

>Some rounds can still be in front of coaches, graduate students, and other
>"trained professional" judges but a significant portion of rounds should
>be in front of public judges to make public debate work (probably l/3).
>The other way to make debates more public is to emphasize judging criteria
>that are more public: style, delivery, organization, humor,
>repartee,language usage  etc. as opposed to strategy tactics and evidence
>only. I am not sure how to do this.

You can't have our regular judges and tell them to follow new rules. They
won't do it. I think the ionly answer is to find new judges. Have fellow
students judge it, or as you say, existing students.


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