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Cori Dauber cdauber
Thu Sep 25 18:58:14 CDT 1997

We had talked about having folks who were expert in the topic area, but
not debate, honors students in the area, local folks who were interested
(for ex we have a very active retired foreign service and UN community
here, that could work were this done on foreign policy topics.) (No we
cannot do this at this year's Tar Heel.)

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Alfred C. Snider wrote:

> Steve Hunt says:
> >I think the key is real public judges. Have 7 9 ll college students ,
> >professors, bright folks judge or , if limited, have l or 3 people judge
> >some proportion of debates. Don't keep these people out of power matched
> >round or elimination rounds. For the experiment to work they have to be
> >used both in prelims and in power rounds and in eliminations.
> >
> >Debaters want to win. They will adjust their speed, their jargon, their
> >dress, their courtesy, etc. to fit the public if they must.
> I agree.
> >Some rounds can still be in front of coaches, graduate students, and other
> >"trained professional" judges but a significant portion of rounds should
> >be in front of public judges to make public debate work (probably l/3).
> >
> >The other way to make debates more public is to emphasize judging criteria
> >that are more public: style, delivery, organization, humor,
> >repartee,language usage  etc. as opposed to strategy tactics and evidence
> >only. I am not sure how to do this.
> You can't have our regular judges and tell them to follow new rules. They
> won't do it. I think the ionly answer is to find new judges. Have fellow
> students judge it, or as you say, existing students.
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