Roberts Rules and Write-In Candidates

Arnie Madsen Arnie.Madsen
Thu Jan 8 11:16:04 CST 1998

I want to offer a slight correction to Greg Simerly's recent post
regarding election procedures.  Rather than being silent on write-in
candidates, Roberts Rules instead specifically allows one to vote for
any candidate, regardless of whether they have been nominated:

Section 45. Nominations and Elections.
Subsection on Ballot Election under Elections heading, paragraph 1):
"Votes can be cast for any person who is eligible for election, even if
he [sic] has not been nominated."
Also in paragraph 2): "...[on the ballot] voters write the name of the
candidate of their choice (who need not have been nominated)."

Later in the same subsection:
"If the bylaws require the election of officers to be by ballot and there
is only one nominee for an office, the ballot must nevertheless be taken
for that office unless the bylaws provide for an exception in such a case.
In the absence of the latter provision, members still have the right, on
the ballot, to cast `write-in votes' for other eligible persons."

The last section quoted above seems especially applicable in the current
situation -- the CEDA Constitution seems to require an election, even
though only one candidate "officially" appears on the ballot.  Given an
election is required, eligible voters may vote for any eligible candidate.

I hope all CEDA members will consider the possible candidates, both those
officially nominated and appearing on the ballot, and possible write-in
candidates, and that they will vote for the person they feel will best
serve the interests of their programs and the CEDA organization.
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