Northwestern Tournament Team List

Scott Deatherage lsd041
Mon Feb 1 17:23:14 CST 1999

Augustana (IL):

        Kate Charles and Jacob Weigler
        Nathan Berish and Wesley Calvert

        Judges:  Jason Jarvis (4), Heidi Hamilton (4)


        Becky Coulter and Chris Brasure
        Shawn Alexander and John Palmer
        Meredith Black and Cole Bucy
        Joseph Coppola and Megan Martin

        Judges:  Karla Leeper (4), Christina Flora (4), Matt Gerber (4), Kelly
Dunbar (4)


        Andy Kemp and Harry Niska
        Sherene Judeh and John Kelly

        Judge:  Fred Sternhagen (4), Todd Trautmann (4)


        Alex Berger and Eric Zampol
        Adam Garen and Steve Lehotsky

        Judges:  Michael Cates (3), Sonja Starr (3), Bill Russell (2)


        Mike Horowitz and Jon-Paul Lupo
        Larry Heftman and Jeff McNabb
        Stephen Bailey and Kamal Ghali

        Judge:  Kate Shuster (8), Hire (4)

Fort Hayes:

        Andrew Halverson and Jason Regnier
        Joseph Ramsey and Brent Saindon

        Judge:  Bill Shanahan (8)


        Zia Faruqui and Sarah Gragert
        Farrell Malone and Brad Wenban

        Judge:  Jeff Parcher (4), Jason Kwon (4)

George Mason:

        Jay Igiel and Richard Reed

        Judges:  Peter Krein (2), Jomel Anget (2)


        Chris McIntosh and Bill Roberts
        Wally Eastwood and Meredity Stein

        Judge(s):  Gordon Stables (4), Hire (4)

Georgia State:

        Wendy Richards and Brian Ursrey

        Judge:  Tom Rogers (4)


        Casey Kelley and John Voight

        Judge:  Glen Frappier (4)


        David Fisher and Matt Weinshall
        Andrew Bradt and Enu Young Choi
        Eddie Bruce and Doug Shively

        Judges:  Patrick McMullen (2), Giroux (5), Sherry Hall (3), Dallas Perkins

Illinois State:

        Alex Briesacher and Scott Varda
        Leah Bruno and Mike Reno

        Judge:  Danielle Weise (8)


        Trevor Foster and Andy Peterson
        Kristin Langwell and Peter McCollum
        Josh Kreamer and Michael Roston
        Clay Cleveland and Ted Moore
        Amanda Kueter and Ben Segreto

        Judges:  Michelle Choe (8), Corey Rayburn (3), Brian Lain (4), Paul Bellus
(3), David Hingstman (2)


        Mike Eber and Grant McKeehan
        David Magariel and RJ Melman
        Nithin Akuthota and Nathan Rodriquez

        Judges:  Sarah Partlow (4), Stacey Sowards (4), Hajir Ardebili (4)

Kansas State:

        Sarah Glasser and Issac West
        Josh Longbottom and Kevin Zollman

        Judges:  Scott Herndon (4), Monte Stevens (4)


        Paul Jensen and Brian Ray
        Russ Hubbard and Aaron Kall
        Matt Aiken and Mike Tetzlaff

        Judges:  Roger Solt (4), Dan Davis (8)


        Michael Lee and Jonathan Westbrook
        Tim Cochran and Haley DeVanna

        Judge:  Daryl Birch (8)

Loyola (Chicago):

        Allison Agers and Bridget McColley
        Walter Carmen and Bill Hill

        Judge:  David Romanelli (8)


        Jason Hernandez and Kelly Steele
        Chris Pudelski and Gabe Scannapieco
        Dan Samson and Carl Sammartino
        Adriana Midence and Matt Cannon
        Matt Mish and Tim Stucka

        Judges:  Mike Dickler (8), Corey Stoughton (2), Colin Kahl (4), Biza Repko
(4), Steve Mancuso (2)

Michigan State:

        Anjali Vats and Alison Woidan
        Bill Rand and Orion Smith
        Steve Donald and Aaron Monick
        Matt Blair and Austion Carson
        Beth Bailey and Tara O'Dowd
        Joel Aizen and Geoff Lundeen

        Judges:  Erik Cornellier (8), Will Repko (8), John Sullivan (8)

North Texas:

        Kenda Cunningham and Eli Holloway

        Judges:  Josh Hoe (2), Mark DeLoach (2)

Northern Iowa:

        Adam Briddell and Jen Rawe

        Judge:  Cate Palczewski (4)


        Mike Kloster and Jason Peterson

        Judge:  Frank Irizarry (4)


        Eric English and Andrew Strangl
        Omri Ceren and Brendan Delaney

        Judges:  Max Schnurer (4), Gordon Mitchell (4)


        Mark Graffanini and John Miller
        Rob Schwenker and Tyson Wetzel

        Judges:  Bill Southworth (4), Tim Barouch (4)

Southern California:

        Adam Hurder and Roger Stetson
        Melissa Hahn and Lindsay Harrison
        John Markowski and Armonds Revelins

        Judge:  Becky Opsata (8), Hire (4)

Southern Illinois:

        Eric Slusher and Geoff Smith
        Jeff Metz and James Roland

        Judge(s):  Aaron Klemz (4), Matt Moore (4)

Southwest Missouri:

        Troy Payne and Matt Vega
        Andy Atkins and Joe Kilpatrick
        Erica Horton and John Nickle

        Judges:  John Fritch (5), Eric Morris (7)


        Kelly Congdon and JV Reed
        Kirk Evans and Jarius Grove

        Judges:  David Breshears (4), Eric Jenkins (4)


        Matt Baisley and Scott Betz
        Chris Matheny and Ben White

        Judges:  David Kingston (2), Jenny Barker (3), Brent Siemers (3)

Wake Forest:

        Justin Green and Clay Rhodes
        Jarrod Atchison and Andy Geppert
        Emma Filstrup and Wes Lotz
        Cyclone Covey and Chris DeVault
        Amy Powell and Mark Yopp
        Thomas Allen and Mike Perry

        Judges:  Ross Smith (4), John Hughes (8), Jim Lyle (6), Elisia Cohen (6)

Wayne State:

        Jon Andrus and Kelley Skillin
        Dan Gainer and Kristy Opalewski
        Joe Battocletti and Stephonie Gerali

        Judges:  Rod Phares (4), George Ziegelmueller (4), Richard Peneda (4)

West Georgia:

        Kris Bonilla and Michael Carver
        Phil Kerpen and Rachel Saloom
        Jed Ware and Joel Wynn
        Sarah Holbrook and Jim Smith

        Judges:  Mike Hester (8), Jon Sharp (8)


        Rob Burns and John Wilson

        Judges:  Steve Thompson (2), Jay Chandra (2)


        Jessica Clark and Adam Symonds

        Judge:  J.P. Lacy (4)

Hired Judges:

        Tim Barouch (4)
        Judd Kimball (8)
        Lesley Wexler (8)

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