FW: Pref sheets received - CONFIRMATION

Gary N. Larson Gary.N.Larson
Thu Feb 4 14:45:05 CST 1999

At 2:41 Thursday, we confirm the following addtl.

The vast majority have as of yet not responded - if you're trying to devise
the winning strategy more power to you.  But I would like the sheets by
midnight if at all possible.  It significantly reduces tomorrow's stress.

Texas EG,
Baylor PA, BB
West Georgia KS, BC
Georgia ED
Northern Iowa RB

[Gary writes:]  At 3:40 we confirm receipt of the following addtl.

    Bayor CM
    Augie/New York

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

        At 12:30 PM Wednesday, I can confirm receipt of the following addtl.

        North Texas

        Keep them coming.

        This is confirmation that I have received sheets from

        Baylor BC
        SIU SS
        Whitman CS
        Iowa FP

        If these four teams could do me a favor and send a ranking for Doyle
Srader - Hired 4/0, I would appreciate it.  He was left off the original
sheet.  You can assign him any number between 1-86 and I will adjust your
sheet accordingly.


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