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Adrienne F. Brovero Broveraf
Mon Feb 8 20:41:33 CST 1999

Hi folks --

As Shu said, semis are underway -- here is more info on how we got to this point:

Doubles -- 

Emory BG (A) defeats Michigan CM (N) 3-0
Michigan HS (N) defeats Dartmouth BZ (A) 3-0
Emory HM (A) defeats Wake PY (N) 3-0
Wake FL(N) defeats Texas EG(A) 2-1
GA MR (A) defeats Georgetown MW (N) 2-1
Wake GR (N) defeats GA ES (A) 2-1
MSU DM (A) defeats UMKC BB (N) 3-0
Dartmouth GL (N) defeats USC HH (A) 2-1
WGA Bonilla (A) defeats KU MM (N) 2-1
Texas CR (N) defeats Gonzaga KV (A) 2-1
Iowa FP (N) defeats USC MR (A) 3-0
Michigan PS (N) defeats USC HS (A) 2-1
Whitman CS (N) defeats Wake AG (A) 2-1
Emory Lupowitz (N) defeats Iowa LM (A) 3-0

Whitman CS (A) defeats Emory BG (N) 2-1
Emory HL (A) defeats Michigan HS (N) 2-1
Emory HM (N) defeats MIchigan PS (A) 2-1
Iowa FP (A) defeats Wake FL (N) 2-1
GA MR (N) defeats Texas CR (A) 3-0
WGA Bonilla (N) defeats North Texas CH (A) 3-0
KU EM (N) defeats Dartmouth GL (A) 2-1
Wake GR (A) defeats MSU DM (N) 2-1


NOTE: I have been upstairs working on a paper (now obviously procrastinating) since the quarters began, so I don't have the ballot counts, nor am I absolutely certain of the sides in the SEMIS

Whitman CS (A) defeats Wake GR (N) 
KU EM (A) defeats Emory HL (N)
WGA Bonilla (N) defeats Emory HM (A)
Iowa FP (N) defeats GA MR (A)

Semis in progress:

Whitman CS v. Iowa FP
KU EM v. WGA Bonilla

I think (unless they hit in prelims), that based on side equalization in the elims, Iowa and Bonilla are aff. DO NOT TAKE MY WORD ON THIS -- they may have hit in the prelims. I don't know remember.

By the way -- we'll be done by midnight. And hopefully, so will my paper.


I am hiding upstairs trying to finish a paper, so the sides for

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