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Deon Garner se_region
Mon Feb 8 23:47:10 CST 1999

This must be the weekend of the mavericks!

I went maverick for an entire tournament this past weekend.  Due to
death in my partner's family, he was unable to debate on Friday and was
to return on Saturday.  He never returned.  Even though the tournament
was kind of smallish, the competition and "stregnth" of teams was
concentrated.  I think I got an initial rush from it, but by round 3 I
was cursing my partner for not arriving.  IT was hard to debate, keep
files together and attempt to coach all in one capacity. I MUST commend
Bonilla for the outstanding job making it semis.  The idea, alone, of
making 24 speeches within a two-day period was tiring. The tournament,
Georgia College was smallish, but I worked my ass off, and got first
speaker; I am sure Chris will be able to mirror that accomplishment with
less effort . . . he did get to semis all by himself . . . that is a

Deon, Captain
Morehouse Debate

PS - I want to thank EVERYONE at Georgia College for the moral support;
BELIEVE ME, it was needed!!!  Keeps those cards and letters coming!!!

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