Cooper's Jive

Michael T Toguchi mtoguchi
Wed Feb 17 12:29:00 CST 1999

Coop writes:

> Well - very rarely am I placed in the "sane" category...

Don't worry I'm never in the sane category

> I think it's a general disbelief that this man with all of the
> resources at his disposal (A church, broadcasting network, media, a
> university) would choose to spend his time castigating a sexually ambiguous
> purple bumpkin from a children's television show.

Falwell did not choose to make this a huge issue.  He did not even read
the article before it was published.  It was the media that created the
perception that he had written the article or started some campaign
against Tinky Winky.  Once the controversy erupted, he was simply
responding to allegations/questions.

> Are there no greater human atrocities that shake the foundations of Jerry's
> convictions than the teletubbies??  How much time and media attention has
> Jerry devoted to the human atrocities in Kosovo?  or Iraq?  How about race
> relations in this country?  How about the rich-poor gap?  Are not these the
> subjects to which Christ devoted his words??

Again, he didn't start this.  The reason this is such a controversy is
because the media made it one.  The press choose to cover the story, why?
Possibly because they don't like Falwell, and they want to make him look
stupid or portray him in a bad light. But that's another discussion

> I think a lot of Christians (even if they disagree with Jerry, like me) can
> understand that he has strong religious beliefs about such subjects as
> homosexuality.  But when they see some fat fuck with access to an enormous
> amount of resources making the PERSONAL CHOICE to spend his time, energy,
> and resources on the covert plot to turn innocent children into
> red-patent-leather-purse-toting pansies rather than on REAL HUMAN
> ATROCITIES...they have every right in the world to call him out.  That's
> not asking him to change his religious beliefs...that's asking him to make
> better choices.

        I can't speak for how much time Falwell spends on 'real' issues.
However, I don't think that it is fair to criticize him for repsonding to
stories about himself, especially ones which are factually incorrect.

It is certainly acceptable, as a Christian and a citizen, for you to
lobby Falwell to pursue other issues.  However, I don't think calling him
a 'fat fuck' on edebate really constitutes that.  Further, it's not as if
you fall into his primary constituency of Southern Baptists.  If Falwell
expended energy, time, and resources on the issues you mentioned above,
yet still devoted time to criticizing homosexuality, would you support
him?  Perhaps to some extent, but there will always be a subject you are
both passionate about which will cause conflict.


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