Heart judging.. and JT

Kenneth DeLaughder kenneth.delaughder
Wed Feb 17 18:43:59 CST 1999

two things...

COuld someone from SIU who might see JT tell him he has an urgent email
waiting for him form me.

Second thing, becaue of a family emergency I may be partially unavailable
to cover ENMUs commitment at HEart, does anyone have rounds they might
step in if I can't find anyone else.  we may not be able to pay right
away, its all negotiable.  I appreciate letting me know soon.

my grandfather may not make it through the weekend (thankfully Ill be 20
minutes from KC) and I may have to leave at a moments notice.

thanks in advance...


to my squad, whom I havent told yet... sorry guys, I tried to call :)

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I was wondering if you guys can fwd me the cites for the article (s) from
Spann that you use as the solvency evidence for the Ban T7 c/p,

Cal Poly

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