jmu & district 7 announcements

Pete Bsumek bsumekpk
Wed Feb 17 18:48:26 CST 1999

1.  JMU Invitational registration is 11:00-3:00PM at Baker House on the JMU

2.  District 7 registration is 1:00-2:30PM at Baker House on the JMU Campus.

3.  The District 7 Committee meeting (1:00-2:00PM) will also be at Baker House.

Directions to Baker House:  Turn left out of the HoJo's parking lot on to
Port Republic Rd.  Go to the 3rd light and turn right on to S. Main St.  Go
through on light, over the railroad tracks and look for Baker House on your
left (851 S. Main St.).  Park in back.

The HoJo's is located at exist 245 (the JMU exist) off of I-81.

Weather casters now calling for mostly rain this weekend, chance of snow.


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I will speak only for SUU on this matter.  I have been clear for
months now that SUU will not participate in NDT districts this year,
although we are dues-paying members.  There are several reasons I
have given for this decision that are still applicable:

1)  we do not have the budget to attend the NDT this year.  Unlike
some schools in the past who have attended the district tournament
and qualified teams, only to ultimately not attend the NDT, we will be

2)  the same budgetary considerations make our attendance at the
University of Colorado-Boulder "Last Chance" IE tournament much
more important than what would be essentially practice debates
were we to send teams ineligible for the NDT.  We have only one
coach, and we believe both the debate and individual event sides of
our program to be equally important.

3)  My students did not find NDT districts to be an enjoyable
experience last year.  Nor did I.  I was reminded of much of what
has led to the demise of policy debate in our region and our nation.

4)  While we support the common topic as a last-ditch effort to try to
save tournaments in our area of the country, we do not believe NDT
is the same as CEDA, nor do we feel compelled to support a
tournament of one just because we support a tournament of the

As I said, I have made these points for months now--much prior to
GSL.  There is no reason in my mind why all our regional CEDA
business is required to take place at an NDT district tournament.

It appears that some wish to force the meeting anyway.  I cannot
stop that.  And I do not care if any group of our coaches wish to
meet at any tournament (whether I am there or not) and call it a
CEDA region meeting.  I most definitely DO care if votes are taken
on important matters and I am disenfranchised from CEDA because
I have made a decision that we will not participate in NDT this year.
I will protest any such decisions to the national council.  I will ask the
Executive Secretary to rule them invalid.  I will post arguments to e-
debate protesting the actions.  And I will watch as policy debate in
our region continues to shrink.  I will then ask the following questions:

1)  Why do we need a "Critic of the Year" award?  Didn't we all win
enough trophies in high school and college?

2)  Why can't we just establish some type of seniority rotation for
finals round critic?  Find out who's going to be there, and who's
been in the district longest and hasn't been on the finals panel yet?
Or are we going to formulate some sort of criteria to determine
which of us is appropriately "qualified" to judge on the finals panel?
What are those criteria to be?  And will we do this among the whole
group, or a small segment of it?

3)  What's wrong with e-mail votes on issues such as student rep,

4)  Why are all these decisions being made after budgets have been
largely depleted, regional tournaments such as USAFA and GSL
ignored, and only an underrepresented NDT district tournament
remains.  I think the "it's your choice not to come" argument is
weak.  Sounds like the old elitist crap.

Pretty simple decision.  Will we disenfranchise region members, or

Terry West
Director of Forensics
Southern Utah University

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