Region Judges-SE/SEC CEDA

Michael_Eaves meaves
Thu Feb 18 20:07:47 CST 1999

Greetings All:

One week away--

Anyway, according to the latest out of usc, judges are real tight. Please
do NOT but out your judging commitments. We want your judges, not your

Please bring extra judges . VSU has two judges for two teams.

Right now, we cannot afford more than 2 or 3 hired judges. Please re-think
your number of teams, if you cannot cover their judging obligation.

Lastly, please submit to me projected number of teams to number of judges
you will bring to judge CEDA only.  I need a ration:  two teams-1 judge
four teams--2 judges, etc.


Get me judging projections by Saturday night if possible and if if your
already at heart in ks.

Mike Eaves

I'll get reports from h eart folks monday and report-but most of those
folks should be ok with judges

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