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JeMara J Atwood jatwood
Mon Feb 22 14:20:52 CST 1999

Dear Liberty...
 I assume that one of the novices will see this first, regardless of who
gets this...Can one of you flames see to it that Shana Twigg e-mails me
with her address. Much appreciation...Tell the BOD that I said hi...

Je'Mara Atwood

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Organization: Southwest Texas State University
Subject: Southwest Texas Tournament

Here are the results of the Freeman Ranch Round Robin and the
H.M. Greene Debate Tournaments at Southwest Texas State Univ.
this past weekend.

Freeman Ranch Round Robin Results

1.  Univ. of Texas-Daniela Dwyer and Laura Nathan
2.  Baylor Univ-John Palmer and Shawn Alexander
3.  Southwest Texas-Travis LaCoss and Jason Myres
4.  Abilene Christian-Virginia Milstead and Charles Walts
5.  Johnson County-Valerie Simmons and Jessica Rowe

Laura Nathan from Texas was the RR Top Speaker.

Jessica Rowe won the Water Pistol Gunfight

H.M. Greene Tournament Results

Junior Varsity Quarters

Abilene Christian MP defeated UTSA LT on a 3-0 decision
Texas MH defeated Abilene Christian AP on a 3-0 decision
UTSA QM defeated Duke AJ on a 2-1 decision
Johnson County SR defeated Baylor TC on a 3-0 decision

JV Semis

Abilene Christian MP defeated Texas MH on a 2-1 decision
Johnson County SR defeated UTSA QM on a 3-0 decision

JV Finals

Johnson County SR defeated Abilene Christian on a 3-0 decision

JV Speakers

1.  Jessica Rowe (Johnson County)
2.  Valerie Simmons (Johnson County)
3.  Blake Thomas (Baylor)
4.  Joshua McDonald (Abilene Christian)
5.  Chase Hoffman (Texas)
6.  Alicia Philips (Abilene Christian)
7.  Glenn Martin (UTSA)
8.  JR Quintanilla (UTSA)
9.  Caleb Potter (Abilene Christian)
10.  Sonia Mandes (Texas)

Open Results

Open Quarterfinals

Baylor KL defeated Sam Houston WC on a 3-0 decision
Baylor PA defeated Duke AM on a 3-0 decision
Texas DN advanced over Texas BH
Baylor MCo defeated Abilene Christian MW on a 3-0 decision

Open Semi-finals

Baylor MCo defeated Texas DN on a 3-0 decision
Baylor PA advanced over Baylor KL

Open Finals

Baylor PA and Baylor KL close out the division

Open Speakers

1.  Meagan Martin (Baylor)
2.  Erin Abrams (Duke)
3.  Shawn Alexander (Baylor)
4.  John Palmer (Baylor)
5.  Daniela Dwyer (Texas)
6.  Joseph Coppola (Baylor)
7.  Jason Morrow (Duke)
8.  Jason Courville (Sam Houston)
9.  Jason Myres (SWT)
10.  Michael Kabat (Baylor)

Thanks to all who attended!

Congrats to Baylor, Johnson County, and Texas!

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