East Region Tournaments for 1999-2000

Alfred C. Snider asnider
Wed Feb 24 09:01:53 CST 1999

Here is the tentative list we are working on.... Thanks to Sam Nelson for
putting it together.

Some tournaments are a surmise. Let's work together and straighten this
out. We also want to have 1 or 2 one-day novice workshops+practice on some
Saturdays. Perhaps between King's & Richmond and also between West Point
and Harvard, or between Binghamton & Columbia.

9/24-26         King's
10/9-10         Richmond
10/16-17                West Point
10/29-31                Harvard
11/6-7          Binghamton [new NCA weekend]
11/12-14                Liberty
11/20-21                Columbia

1/28-30         Navy
2/5-6           Cornell
2/12-13         Rochester
2/26-27         Regionals at Vermont [Dist. 8 NDT Qualifi8er also welcome]
3/3-5           Towson
3/17-20         CEDA Nationals, Johnson County CC, KC
3/24-27         NDT, UMKC

Your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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