Jason E. Stone jestone
Mon Feb 1 14:09:40 CST 1999

My advice would be to start out by looking at security assistance issues
as they relate to Russia.  Lots of the security assistance literature
talks about threats from drug traffickers.  Possibly an advocate writes
about solving or decreasing Russian mafia influence through training of
Russian police or the lending of crime fighting equipment.

Just some random thoughts don't know if it will help.  I know that the
impact cards to Russian Mafia are very rhetorically powerful and terribly
scary so it you could fashion a solvency story it would be a great case.

Jason Stone
Asst. Director of Debate

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, The Smiths wrote:

> When I started recieving the hundreds of e-mails from this list, I was under
> the impression this group was for debaters to talk about their cases and
> stuff.  Guess not.
> I also figured there would be more highschool students here.
> Anyways, if you all don't mind, I'd like to ask a question:
> What are your thoughts on a MAFIA 1AC?
> (Under the current HS resolution (Russia))
> I know that there is a lot of evidence out there against it, but I haven't
> run into anyone running one (weird huh?), but anyways, nothing can prove the
> Russian Mafia doesn't exist...  the evidence just says that the threats are
> exaggerated and stuff...
> Oh, and would anyone have any solvency cards for gettiing rid of the mafia?

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Subject: Is it Time for Divisions

Hi, With all the talk lately about how small schools are at a disadvantage
against larger schools, and how judges (be they minority or not) from
smaller schools might get lost in the shuffle at large tournament, and do
to some back channel talking, might it be time to divide college debate
into divisions, much like college athletics??

    Interested in the thoughts of the community. Duane

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