"Rogue Regimes"

Michael Roston the eminently practical mroston
Mon Feb 1 23:22:44 CST 1999

sounds like quite a wet dream....

-Michael Roston
a closet full of miracles

"East Timor's Mandela, Xanana Gusmao, remains in prison...wrote recently
to the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Ali Alatas... "You should think a little
like an adult and a human being at this moment of reformation by avoiding
being heroes of the crimes of the corrupt murderer Suharto. As for me, I
am very happy to be punished by you. In 1997 I was given three months
remission, and this year four months. Please, take these seven months back
for yourselves. I really don't need them. One day, you will."
                                -reported by John Pilger in 1998

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