Cornell Outround Prep?

The Eternal Flame lesjober
Thu Feb 11 22:29:23 CST 1999

Feel sorry for him for having one coach and three teams? Let me tell you
about a round U Chicago Debate had at Coon this weekend. There were about
40 minutes in between rounds.  So, 40 minutes before a round, a team came
in and asked for the plan. They went to talk to their coach.  20 minutes
later they reemerged with a strategy to beat our case; full of arguments
that their coach recommended, and they spent the next 20 minutes
fine-tuning those cards. They kicked our little asses. Let me tell
you about another round U Chicago Debate had at Coon this weekend.  We
were negative.  The team came in about twenty minutes before the round and
let us see the plan.  We had no one to ask and a limited option of
negative strategies, as we told the judge after the round "we ran all we
had"  . . . So we sat there talking about the cards we did have for about
ten minutes, but we might as well have been playing spades, meanwhile the
team we were about to hit had a coach-fest again.  U Chicago went 1-7 at
Coon; we admit we were out-evidenced.  But we were  also out-coached. The
long coaching time and prep time just further skews the field against
developing teams.

U Chicago

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Marcus Walton wrote:

> Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:01:57 EST
> From: Marcus Walton <MGWalton at AOL.COM>
> Subject: Re: Cornell Outround Prep?
> This is the reason we don't win as many rounds as I think we should ;-) I
> don't make myself clear. This wasn't a slam at Jackie, but the whole notion of
> coaching. I do feel sorry for having Jackie one coach and three teams and
> having an arbitrary starting time, but that 30 to 40 minutes would still be
> used by some other coach to pull evidence, make up strategy and pretty much
> overcoach their team. As I said in a previous post, the coach should pretty
> much make suggestions, offer encouragement and leave. In the case that there
> are multiple teams and one coach, why does each team need individual
> direction? I mean get the teams in a corner and quickly make suggestions,
> offer encouragement and let 'em go.
> So once again. I apologize for singling Jackie out. Not intended that way.
> Marcus
> SJSU Debate
> In a message dated 2/11/99 3:52:59 PM EST, cwr98a at writes:
> << You completely miss Jackie's point.  His first post said he had three
>  teams in outrounds.  He's not complaining about not getting to spend 30-40
>  with each team.  Your first message admits that you would like 5-10
>  minutes of coaching if your program had coaches.  I think thats all Jackie
>  is asking for.  Also, the point that the rush to start rounds was
>  arbitrarily applied (remember some rounds had to start immediately-while
>  other teams were allowed to continue to prep) is the other part of
>  Jackie's complaint that is being overlooked.
>  Clay >>

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